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Grand Inquisitor WIP for Everglades Squad

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Hello everyone,

I am member of Florida Garrison - Everglades Squad.  I have an approved Stormtrooper and close to approval on Emperor Palpatine.

I was hoping that the third 501st Legion costume in my family would be a Seventh Sister for my lovely wife.  

Unfortunately, according to my wife that is not happening anytime soon.  :-D

So instead, I have started on Grand Inquisitor as my third costume for the Everglades Squad.

Hoping to make this new build an awesome interpretation of the Star Wars Rebels animated character!

Definitely appreciate Flagship Eclipse Administrators and Costume Mentors support and input on this new WIP.

I have two quick WIP updates to kick off this thread:

1.  I commissioned Mr. Sam Wooton of JMS Props to create new 3D files for this CRL.  Sam was very enthusiastic and responsive!  [Image of files below.]

2.  I am very grateful that Mr. Bungle FX, who has agreed to lend his expertise to the silicone mask for this build.  [Preliminary sculpt photo below]. 

More to follow.

Thank you all.






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Happy Friday!

May I please seek preliminary approval input for the following gloves for Grand Inquisitor CRL.

Please find CRL example photo for ease of comparison. 








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