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New Respirator (D.Malgus) Plaegous Version

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Greeting´s F.E.D. members or Sith Legends.

Just a couple of updates, New Respirator´s VS Old Respirator´s.

Here is the breakdown , Rob Rodgers still makes the Original format Respirator for Darth Malgus, and is working on a new silicon mask that is combined with the Respirator together, when it becomes released I will pass the info!

Plaegous from Ireland also made a new template of the Respirator, which I got to copy bye his approval and had made threw 3-D Print, it came out kick ass.

I can advise when purchasing the Silicon Mask bye Oneal F.X. Studios your going to have to re modify your respirator bigger due to the size of the mask. (length mainly) the old respirator will be to small and the chin will stick out.

If your rocking make up without any silicon prosthetic then the official old respirator sill suffice and do the job. 




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