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Revan Boot Material

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Hey! So this is probably a weird question because I know everyone buys leather boots for Revan, but since there's no specification on material in the CRL, can you get suede, rubber, or PU boots? Boots that are part leather part suede? I'm hoping to get boots that I want to use outside of the costume, so I'm testing out what my options are. I'll attach photos of the things I'm talking about cuz it'd be horrible to buy one only to find out I can't use it haha
I really like the style of the middle one and the third one is a rain boot which is a thing I need to buy anyways.

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There isn't a consensus about the material, but I would say so long as the shape, lack of details, and heel stick to the references; and overall material use stays consistent throughout the boot (all one material) then it shouldn't be much of an issue.

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