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Hi guys,

Been a while since I was on here, but with my new position in the detachment I plan to be more active. With that in mind I wanted to show you what AZStarkiller has been up to lately.

So a couple months ago I decided to upgrade the soft parts of my TIE Factory gear (wraps, tunic, pants) & while I was at it, I figured I'd make the parts for the Heavy Training gear as well, since it is so close to what I have already. I don't have much in the way of progress to share, so for now I'll just share the parts I have collected so far.

First up I went and got a bunch of fabric (12 yards iirc) and I had a friend design and print the backpack for me.


The red plates are printed in opaque filament so that the lights will shine thru & my friend also left me a space for a battery pack with wire pass throughs for the lights.


I also had my friend design and print the hand plates and knuckle details for the gloves (opaque filament used for the screen on the left plate)


One of the MAJOR upgrades I have planned for my SK costumes is to build myself a proper weapon. Here's what I have in the works, it is a Korbanth 2.0 graflex that I converted myself, currently it is empty as I sold my MHS one to fund this one, but I am planning on a NeoPixel build with a double crystal reveal.


Really looking forward to getting these projects finished up as I haven't been able to suit up as Starkiller in FAR too long and I really miss being him.

As always, thanx for looking and lemme know what you guys think


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