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New Starkiller from Ultimate Sith Edition

Guest Daritha

Will the new Darth Starkiller from SW: TFU - Ultimate Sith Edition be acceptable for entry into the 501st/Flagship Eclipse?  

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  1. 1. Will the new Darth Starkiller from SW: TFU - Ultimate Sith Edition be acceptable for entry into the 501st/Flagship Eclipse?

    • yes
    • no
    • maybe

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Guest Daritha

I don't see why the costume shouldn't be included into the 501st - when you can find at least 3 different references for the costume. Up until now we only have the game. If this Lord Starkiller is referenced in other sources, like action figures, comics etc., then there should not be a problem to include him.


The rule is: When you built it they will grant it - when you have at least three references. Not so fancy-reading with the appendix but its correct. ^^

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Detachments do not determine what characters are accepted in the 501st Legion. This is the sole role of the Legion Membership Officer. Popularity must, by necessity play ZERO part in the decision.


It will not be until a completed 100% accurate costume with full references is presented that the question of inclusion even becomes relevant.


This is a straw poll.

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Guest Daritha
So its less to do with being exactly canonical and more about whether the standards are up to par and having three references in creating it?
To break it down to this: "Yes". But as everything in life isn't easy its similar here. Its right that you need the three references and the Standards are also very helpful but the spinning(?) point is that the costume is - as Thomas always says - a recreation of the original.

Since Nihilus is (like Starkiller, Kyle Katarn, Juno Eclipse, Revan etc.) "just" a video game character I suppose that the field of variation is more broad than the field when you want to make a Stormtrooper. A Stormtrooper is - like Vader, the Emperor, Imperial officers and so on - a real-made costume. Someone made it once. But characters like Nihilus are artificial-made. No one ever made such costume professionally; at least not the complete one since Thomas mentioned that the development guys for TFU made some parts of the costume themselves for study purpose (so I've heard, but take me not for credit).


However, the essential part is that the costume must be looking like the one it represents. The other things a debatable. Starkiller's Standards are for debate again. The color of his clothes are still not cemented; dark-brown or black. And many details aren't setted yet, i.e. the leather stripes that are hanging from his belt and so on.


Like on wise man once said: Always in motion is the future. ... and also the costumes. You've earned yourself a little baby that you must nurse and keep ready for the outside world. ;) *little pathetic i know*

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Guest Anonymous

I am currently working on creating this costume and should be done by very early next year. I will post some pics son of work completed thus far. I am really excited about this project and am looking forward to completing it soon

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