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Sixth Brother

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Hi!  I'm interested in doing the Sixth Brother as seen in the new Darth Vader comics.  The character was first introduced in the book Ahsoka by EK Johnson and made his picture debut in the comic Darth Vader: Dark lord of the Sith #6 and has been a reoccurring character. 

Reference Photos:
























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I noticed also he has different looks in some of the pictures, as there are multiple artist.  Should I combine them to make the perfect one? Or will it be like Aphra with different variants?


Also when it comes to what he is wearing, he definitely has a rigid helmet, gauntlets, and boots/shin armor. 

Chest: The chest and shoulder piece is a leather like material I'm assuming as to match a kind of rigid look to other inquisitors but in several of the pictures wrinkles and flex is seen in them as if it's made of fabric.  Also the color even though it looks grey, I actually think is black with a lot of lighting to make it look greyish for proof in this picture Vader who we all know has a black body suit has a grayish one in these pictures, the same color as the Sixth Brother's chest armor:



And as seen in this picture his chest armor is black to show either natural or no lighting:


and this one:


Also in some photos, particualry that of his back, he has 2 ridges on his back to presumably hold the lightsaber:



Bodysuit:  The body suit is supposed to be a flexible metallic banded alloy armor.  As seeing that such a thing doesn't exist in the real world, what comes to mind is a flexible yet metallic looking fabric.  At Joanns today I found this nice metallic fabric to use for the bands:


Its a flexible spandex like material with a rubberized coating it feels like.  So it doesn't have a knit texture at all, but smooth.


Helmet:  The helmet contains a rounded top with a rigid "hood" attached to the back coming around the ears.  It has cheek guards and eye guards.  In most of the photos the top of the helmet is a black or a dark blue and the hood is a different color usually a purple or light blue.  The hood tends to match the color of the kama in most pictures.  Also inside the hood has metallic bands lining it.

Kama/skirt:  The kama/skirt has a slight sheen to it and is seen as having a bit of a rigidness to it in all the photos, I'm assuming it's a vinyl or leather like material and in most photos is seen light blue or purple and in a couple of the photos it's seen as gray.  Usually matches the color of the hood of the helmet.

There are also some greeblies that the Sixth Brother has, most notably these rounded half sphere like pieces on his hips,shoulders, and ears of the helmet.  in some photos they are red and in other they are grey, I'm not exactly sure if it being grey in some is a mistake or these could be lights that can be turned on and off?

Also he appears to have a baklava in some photos, sometimes it's black, others it's banded:



And in some photos he isn't wearing any.  Also in this photo he has a red turtle neck:


So that's a little confusing a bit.


His skin is a grayish green and I found some makeup that matches his skin perfectly that I will be experimenting with soon. 


What do you guys think of my findings?  I welcome any feedback for this.  Tomorrow I hope to start working on the helmet.


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