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Arrival in the Legion

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Hello folks :)

I'm Malt, 27yo coming right from France and wishing to join the 501st French Garrison !

My first ever cosplay was Starkiller in Jedi Ceremonial Dresses from The Force Unleashed (created for TFA realease !).


I'm currently working on a Revan costume for a special screening of The Last Jedi (sooo, yeah 3 weeks remaining, no worries :D)

I'm not absolutely sure I'll go straight to validation (because, it seems a bit out of my reach and finances) but I'll try my best and hope some of you can help me on tricky bits =)

See you on the forums ^^

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Welcome to the best Detachment in the Legion.

There are many people here with Darth Revan costumes (not me), to include the Detachment Leader, so there is a ton of information to be had here for that costume.

Have a look around, make your self at home.

We encourage people to start a WIP (Work In Progress) thread with their build progress and pics, that then other people can reply to if you are looking for help.


Det XO-

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