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Revan glove advice


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Black leather or leather-like smooth texture gloves with no shine finish to them, and no additional embellishments for his. Silk would have too much of a sheen, and most fabrics used to gloves are not smooth texture. If there is stitching that is completely covered by the hand plate, it will be alright, but none of the stitching can show around the plate when it is on your hand.


Hope that makes sense!


images (2).jpeg


These are a more fitted option, but are a good example for the low sheen and smooth texture with no embellishments or detail stitching.

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These are the gloves that I got.  I searched for a while since it seemed most of the gloves I found were $$$$ or lined.


The little bit of "decoration" on the back of the hand gets covered up by the armor piece.

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