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Visas Marr (Unseen, Unheard)


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Hey all! I'm Amber, and my husband (Andy) is a new member of the Rebel Legion. We attended our first event (him as a Jedi, me as a handler) a few weeks ago with the Carolina Garrison and Blue Ridge Base Rebels at The Booth Amphitheatre.


I'm working on two costumes currently (with others to come) , and I wanted to get some opinions on this one, since I'm planning to join the 501st with it (with Dark Side makeup) as well as the Rebel Legion. We got it pre-owned, but the previous owner and I are pretty dang close in measurements. The dress, headpiece, boots, and gloves all fit perfectly. However, I don't care for the fit of the outer dress and I've decided to get a new one. My sewing experience, however, is rusty and I've had little practice with clothing. So I think I am in need of someone to commission. Take a look!
















^Here is where you can see the fit of the outer dress. I don't care for all the extra fabric in the front, which is caused by the way the darting was done instead of making it with separate panels.




^See all the excess fabric? I would much prefer it be fitted as it shows in the game. Also, it is too heavily textured for my tastes. It has also had some wear and tear, so I'm not sure it will hold up to all the changes I want to make. Every time I rub my fingers across it, paint comes off. I've decided it's not worth all the work to get it up to standard, especially since I don't have the skills to do it, it can only hold up for so much longer, and I'd rather pay for someone to make a new one than fix this one.




^Lots of excess in the back as well. My concern was that even if I did get it fitted properly, the zipper would need to be removed and replaced with a longer one. And I've only ever sewn one zipper in my life. So a hidden zipper in pleather (by hand because I have no machine right now) is pretty impossible at the moment. So yeah, by the time all is said and done, I'd rather just spend the money for an all new one.


If you know of anyone who could put the outer dress together, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me in their direction! I'd like to get this costume completed by the end of July, as I start school in August and would like to use what free time I have left to go trooping.


P.S. I am going to put a seam in the headpiece to keep it down. And I am going to make a new belt, as the one it came with was 1) a bit too small for me, so it didn't tuck into the loop much at all, and 2) it was just too stiff, so it didn't drape naturally or even wrinkle. (I've already bought belt fabric and snaps, and I am planning to match the veil fabric so I have some for back-up just in case!)

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Alright, so I've been nitpicking this thing for weeks. My personal interpretation of this version of Visas involves the under dress color being much darker. And since dyeing it would be one heck of a process, I think I've come to a decision that I can accept:

I'm going to remove the sleeves (or alter them, but I don't think there's enough fabric there) and redo them so that this can be a KOTOR version. Then down the line, when I've had some practice, I will make the Unseen, Unheard version dress and veil with a darker fabric, and use the same outer dress, boots, and gloves.

Honestly, I hate that I haven't gotten to do any work on this costume myself aside from altering the veil. This way I can actually do some work on it, and I'll be happy knowing I didn't compromise on the fabric. (Plus that works out great, because the guy who sold this to us is also getting rid of his Darth Nihilus costume, which will fit my husband. So doing the KOTOR version of Visas would be more fitting)

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Our Lady of the SIth, dear Detachment Leader Pam Simpson. I am proud to name Pam as one of my first costuming heroines.

1. Please do not forget the sash.
2. The zipper might be placed on the side for better concealment and ease of dressing oneself.

3. I would also suggest more fabric in the dress for a more dramatic flow.

I appreciate your drive to fit the top better. These points above are in the pursuit of perfection. Something we seek naturally. Your level of skill and craftsmanship already is something to be lauded.

Excellent work.
Keep us updated.
And welcome aboard.

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You will notice too that the model for Visas has a seam in her hood detailing the forehead, with a stiffener not unlike the construction of Darth Nihilus.

The comic, Unseen Unheard does not actually have this;

The option of the Unseen Unheard Visas was to allow for the open sleeves that Visas was first designed with. For the purpose of modeling and cloth movement the game version has tucked in sleeves.

I was going to recommend a revision to your hood, but I see both options as valid. (I think the seam delineating the forehead makes a more imposing look.)

Be well,


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No worries, I've got the new sash fabric and I'm working on it today. The sash that was with it was a bit too small on my hips, so it didn't tuck correctly. The fabric is also too stiff, so it doesn't really get a natural bunching to it.


As for the veil, I hadn't even noticed that the comic version doesn't have a seam in it. I think that since I am altering this to be a KOTOR version, I will stick to putting the seam in the veil. I'm also trimming the ends to straighten the bottom out. (I'll get a fabric match first, so I have a back-up in case my plan doesn't work out)


With any luck, I will have a new sewing machine in August. My skills are limited, to say the least, but with practice I will learn how to make clothing well. Will post updates tomorrow when the sash is finished!

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