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Joliet Library Star Wars Parade


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Heeeey forums! 


I'm curious as to who else from the Flageship Eclipse is planning on attending the Joliet Library Star Wars Parade on June 4th (in Illinois)?! There's no specific convention or large event area on the forums so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Stay classy, forums!

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Unfortunately, that's a little too far of a trip on short notice from New Orleans with family in tow, and we're already going to Pensacola with friends.  Make sure someone takes lots of pictures though! Looks like lots of fun!

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FastKev -- hope your trip goes well!! There are always other events! I will take tons of pics and post them for sure!

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Fastkev I have pictures!! I've been lazy ): I'll post those on the site photo dump and link in this thread :) I'll try and do that tonight but I'm gone 12 hrs most work days :T

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Posting my own pics is going to take soooo long SO HERE'S A FANTASTIC SOLUTION! :D with probably better photos anyway lol


Kaminsky Kandids Photography was at the Joliet event and took some splendid shots! Here's the link on his Facebook page of all 400 + pictures (I'd link his personal website but these pics are not listed on there *sad face*). https://www.facebook.com/KaminskyKandidsPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=840994179365205


These pictures include fabulous shots of ---


~ Mando jail cell and Mando car (I'm so proud of my best friends *single tear*)

~ lots of exquisite costumes I fan-girled over

~ more costumes I fan-girled over but didn't get captured on camera (there was an awesome Sidon Ithano there!!)

~ parade shots

~ group shot in front of the library

~ cool things (such as the sweet merchandise) I either couldn't find or couldn't see (mask prohibits vision haha ... er, and breathing too)


Here's a great video of the parade as well! This as a superb troop! 10/10 would troop again!: 


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Interesting to see who was in the parade. Vader minus helmet, Star Wars Rebels Vader? Darth Maul Stormtrooper?  Was that early black armor Trooper supposed to be one of the new Death Troopers? Kudos to the sandpeople walking single file of course. Didn't expect to see Barf from Spaceballs in there. Got a few good FE costumes in there too!


Also the second part of the video it looks like you picked up some new folks, and lost some from the first half!

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The parade ... I still have no idea what happened lol that would be my only complaint - parade was managed poorly/little communication. Yes! I think that's supposed to be the Rebels Vader. You are also correct on the Maul Trooper -- up close it looked really well done. The black armored clone is Darman the clone commando :) also my friend Steve lol looked like last year there was more costume variety!! Oh well maybe next year :)

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