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Red slash darth revan


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Short fast response is: Absolutely.   I don't have the setup tonight to take pictures for you, but I'll be happy to get my stuff out tomorow when I can drop boxes in the apartment and not get things thrown at me as a result.   

I will get you some quality photos tomorrow.

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Life kicks in sometimes, a little slower than planned, and then upload issues.  Here are shots of the sash I have, the attachment points, and a 34" belt for reference.   









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As for feedback notes, I'm pretty darn impressed all around, nice upgrades to hooks and rings.   


The red sash really shouldn't show much if at all above the Big O Ring (BOR) though, 




Additionally, the bottom edge of the sash should be in line with the bottom edge of the hakama and slightly above ground.   By either hemming the bottom edge of the hakama, or wearing it higher on your waist/stomach, you can get it to sit right.  I actually belt my hakama at the belly button, not at the hip bone.  


The last note would be the hood which seems to shelf out front a little,  and create a tent peak.   

Here is a great example of the shape using wool:



I'd definitely say what you've got is approve-able, but these recommendations will only make what you've already got even better.

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Thanks for the feedback darthtagion!

The hood is something I need to change later (: because is the same pattern as a jedi hood. Need to fix it haha.

I have the hakama also at my belly button.

And I'm going to make everything fit perfect! THANKS :D

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