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Sith Acolyte Build


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So this is my first ever armor build and it is a learning experience. I am used to painting and building small scale models (in fact I make a living off of it), but full size armor is a whole other story. So to start I bought my mask from Lions Den, the untrimmed armor from Shawn Thorsson and have a good friends wife building the cloak. 


This is the Mask from Lions Den




This is the armor untrimmed. It is made from Fiberglass and resin so it's fairly sturdy. 




After about 8 hours of trimming and sanding the armor was ready for BONDO!!! While their aren't many fixes I still put down bondo in spots just in case. I am leaving a few chips here and there to give the pieces life but so far so good. The shin and calf pieces are drying from paint as we speak. Once I have the armor initially painted and weathered I will then drill the holes and attach all of the webbing to bring this piece to life. 


Well there you have it all, this is the start of my first Star Wars Costume and please feel free to post some critiques and helpful hints as I am using it as a way to grow. 

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So I have some progress on this project.


This is what I have done so far.



And a closer view, all I have left to do is the Elbow Pads and the shoulders and feet. Once those are done I will be mostly done minus the spikes and a few other small pieces. 

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So I've had some progress and have started piecing together some of the armor. I took some quick pics of the armor so far with the robe and saber.



A Sith Selfie as my friends call it. 




Thank you for the complement Glenk.

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So I did a soft fit today to see what I had to fix. I still have stuff in route for it but overall not bad. I found at least three things I will need to change before the costume is complete. 


I am going to readjust the calf plates and apply some padding to the lower part of the ankles.



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Your armor is looking really nice!!! Totally lame comment (and nothing looks incorrect) but make sure that when you put your robe on that it doesn't bunch in the back. I know this is something you'll have to ask someone else to do as I know how hard it is to move in such costumes. See how your robe is bunching behind your neck and making it raise really high between your legs? :)

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Thanks for the comment as every little bit helps. I went back and redid the straps on the hamstrings, but I will have some more soft fit pics soon.

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Thank you for the compliment, as for the armor it's really not too heavy. In fact I feel it may weight less then resin but it's hard to compare too. I bought the kit from Shawn Thorsson Associates, and the mask from Lions Den (Facebook name). I have some parts coming from Mynock soon too as I found his parts would round out the kit perfectly. 

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