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Hi all- 


Thought I would share a photo here as i have finally got this done (more or less). I found I ran into the same problem with dye as I think some other forum members have had- trying to get the red to go purple really doesn't work very well at all! I tried blue, pink and purple dyes and got variable results with all three- I think if color changes are needed I'll need to start with white fabric and do all the dye work from scratch, rather than trying to use red as a base.


I'm happy with the end result despite that, and am waiting for a batch of photos to submit for approval. 

Photo below (a bit disheveled as I had been running around C2E2 for several hours prior to this).






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What is your status on applying to get this approved?  I'd be happy to help walk you through the process, despite any coloration issues I believe you're quite likely to get a thumbs up.  

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I just need to get a copy of the photos (the 501st had a booth at my local con and Matt Crowley was kind enough to take a set of front/back/side profile shots for me)- I'll be in touch with him today as the con just ended yesterday.

After that, I understand that I send them to my local GML?

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