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  1. Looks like I need to do more research then. Thanks.
  2. I know this thread was forever ago, but I want to say I think these are gorgeous and inspiring!
  3. Lolkje

    Force Witch

    Pretty! (If it's possible for bad guys to be pretty ) I hope it gets approved!
  4. I'm pondering building a Nightsister after warming up with Imperial Bridge Crew. I looked at all named character female Sith, Dark Jedi, etc on the approvable costumes list, and I just didn't like any of them. Then I started looking up pictures of generic Nightsisters (which are on the list, but have no standard) and was more intrigued. Most people do the Clone Wars style Nightsisters, but they don't appeal to me. They're cool in their own way, but they make me imagine they are some kind of (humor intended) Sith Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Team with those red leotards and arm and leg streamers. No offense to the people who have worked hard recreating them intended! I'm more drawn to the wilder tribal style Nightsisters from Star Wars Galaxies and the Jedi Alliance video game for Nintendo. Someone else on the forum already did one of the SWG style: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/143-stungunmoys-nightsister-in-progress/?hl=nightsister I have more pics of the style I have in mind here: http://s722.photobucket.com/user/Laura_Langland/library/Nightsisters If I can draw up some concept art based on these, is there any chance of getting the final costume approved?
  5. Hmm. I posted here the other day but my post vanished. I'm Laura from Sonoma County, and working on my first builds.