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Darth Revan Lightsabers

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Saberforge has just announced they'll make Revan style sabers, starting at $150 USD.


Check out the Etsy listing, as it isn't listed on their website yet.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/223291810/ ... e_active_2

https://www.etsy.com/listing/223296021/ ... e_active_2


I have another Saberforge saber and the quality and service is good. Long production time, but I can live with that.


Anyways, just wanted to give my fellow Revans a heads up if you have been looking for a Revan-saber.

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My order should be shipped this week. I'm stupid-excited like you guys can't imagine... (Well, maybe you can. Haha.)


A note on Saberforge's services...so long as you pay the difference and shipping, they will upgrade your saber electronics. I just bought the hilt and plan to have them add electronics to it later. Probably one of the most affordable, accurate Revan saber options out there. Cannot. Wait.

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