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My custom Gray Jedi costume [WIP] [Need feedback]

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Hello everyone! :))


Been working on this costume for a long time now, and i really wanted to share my current progress with others to get feedback and such..


So far this is what i have:



With cloak



Without cloak



With lightsaber (now painted black, not red)



The pictures are a bit old, so the mask have been replaced with a better looking one..



So far, i am really satisfied, but i have major plans for it.. Like adding armor to the chest, arms and legs, adding more lightsabers, more details etc. etc..


I have also written A LOT of backstory for the character i am supposed to be, Krisos. A fair warning though, there is still A LOT of content missing which will make the character more "mortal" and "vulnerable" but i am still working on it. Feel free to check it out though, would appreciate it! :D



So yeah.. What do you all think? All kinds of feedback is appreciated, good :yoda: or bad :vader:

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