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  1. Nobody? I was hoping for at least a few replies here but this forum seems really dead..
  2. Found the full picture with the mask and edited it a bit.. Whatcha think folkz?
  3. Looks great! Especially the mask, it looks perfect. I would replace the cloak with a black one though, instead of brown.. Black fits him more.
  4. Ooh.. Great idea.. Would be cool if someone managed to add it to their costume. I wouldn't use it to show off "force lightning" but it would look awesome on custom armors and other costumes!
  5. Looks great so far. Can't wait for the finished costume! Especially loving the grenades.. I wish i could get my hands on a few of those!
  6. Really cool! I would make it look more metallic though, if possible.. It looks like it's made from wood right now.. Still, this is great work! Does it have any special uses? Just decoration or will you make a full costume for it?
  7. All the pictures are gone.. You have to fix it!
  8. This is too good to be real.. I mean it, i don't think this is real.. It's too.. epic.. XD
  9. Can't see the picture.. Post it in
  10. Hello everyone! Been working on this costume for a long time now, and i really wanted to share my current progress with others to get feedback and such.. So far this is what i have: With cloak Without cloak With lightsaber (now painted black, not red) The pictures are a bit old, so the mask have been replaced with a better looking one.. So far, i am really satisfied, but i have major plans for it.. Like adding armor to the chest, arms and legs, adding more lightsabers, more details etc. etc.. I have also written A LOT of backstory for the character i am supposed to be, Krisos. A fair warning though, there is still A LOT of content missing which will make the character more "mortal" and "vulnerable" but i am still working on it. Feel free to check it out though, would appreciate it! http://swfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Krisos So yeah.. What do you all think? All kinds of feedback is appreciated, good or bad
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