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Visas Marr Costume Standards - KOTOR Version

Twi'lek Pam

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To see the official Legion CRL entry and a downloadable PDF file for this costume, please click here:






Legion CRL Entry for the Knights of the Old Republic II Visas Marr






Costume components:



1. Veil: The dark red veil covers the back and sides of the head to the shoulders, and it covers the front of the face to midway down the nose. The veil's fabric matches the fabric used for the under dress. The veil sits closely against the face to hide the costumer's eyes. A pattern of gold embellishment borders the bottom hem and front of the veil.






2. Lipstick: The lipstick has a soft violet tint.






3. Overdress: The fitted overdress is made from black leather or leatherette with a low gloss finish. The overdress includes a faint gray pinwheel pattern. The fitted bodice has a high turtleneck collar and small capped sleeves. The skirt is ankle length and has a split on the left side that starts just below the waist, revealing the red dress underneath. The arm holes and split in the skirt are hemmed and seamed. The back side of the leather or leatherette is also black in color.






4. Underdress: The dark red under dress is made with a matt fabric that has a blue tone, rather than an orange tone. The dress has a fitted bodice and a full skirt that falls to ankle length. The full sleeves are gathered just below elbow length.






5. Gloves: The fitted leather gloves reach nearly to the elbow. There are four evenly spaced gray bands on the forearms that go all of the way around the gloves. A section of gold embellishment circles the top of each glove with a pattern similar to the design on the veil.






6. Belt: The dark red sash style belt is wrapped twice around the waist. The two wraps of the belt come together on the right hip, and then drape to form two separate layers on the left side, one above and one just under the split of the overdress. The sash has a slightly redder shade than the rest of the red components of this costume. There is no visible connection where the ends of the belt come together.






7. Boots: The undecorated black leather boots have low heels.






Costume Accessories:



8. Makeup: Darkside makeup that includes purple lips and pale skin with broken veins may be worn to replicate the physical deterioration of Visas Marr.






9. Lightsaber: A lightsaber based on the generic KOTOR designs may be carried, but the preferred design is the Visas Marr design that includes a banded design at the emitter. If bladed, the lightsaber's blade is red.






10. Blasters: Twin small blasters based on art from game illustrations may be carried. Optional holsters must be concealed, as there are no holsters seen in game.

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