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Visas Marr - Indiana


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I've recently started work on my first costume--Visas. My greatest challenge at this point is there isn't another one in the garrison to ask for advice so I'm fending for myself on most character specific questions.


What I have completed:




Bought some starter cloth for a mock up dress (I haven't sewn in years and I didn't want to ruin good material while I relearned to use a machine)

Found a pattern that is the right shape/size (this took two tries)


My current concerns include:


Fitting my rather muscular calves into boots. My first set, bought at a great price, didn't end up fitting. There don't seem to be restrictions for having stretch panels for Visas--but I was hoping to only buy one set of boots that will also fit for the next costume as well.


How do you combat the frustration with the lack of progress?


Goal for next week:


Figure out if piece is missing from my sewing machine (I can't seem to figure out how to put a foot on, it's a like there is a piece missing).


Buy Pins


Cut pattern

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Hi and welcome


What version of Visas Marr are you planning ?


Always good with lots of research and to make try-outs before using the right fabric, so your off to a great start ;)


Regarding the boots, as long as the stretch panels are on the inside of the boot, like around a zipper, I don´t think, that it will be a problem.


Regarding the frustations about not getting anywhere - think, that we have all been there, so you just have to give yourself one goal instead of 10 and take one step of a time. Good things take time ;)


Where do you think a piece is missing from the sewing machine ?? try sew some fabric together with it and see, how it turns out, or put a pic up inhere - perhaps I can help out ?


Looking forward to follow this one :D

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I'm working on the KOTOR II version.


After a little bit of research, I'm pretty sure it's the pressure foot shank that's missing. Here are my pictures though.


This is the machine (A Janome New Home Excel 23L) with just a regular foot.




This is the machine with the attachment that was on it when I bought it from a neighbor. I'm pretty sure this is the darning foot, which would make sense why the shank isn't on there. Question is, what happened to the shank in the mean time.






I'm trying to get one set of boots that I will be able to use for Admiral Daala and Visas. Daala can't have the stretch panels for even level 1 approval and level 3 approval you can't have zippers at all. I figured that I'll give it a few more weeks of research/stalking Ebay before I give up finding the perfect pair that will work for both. I really just wanted to invest in ONE pair even if it mean spending a little bit more money.

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Oki, I made the other version, but almost the same ;)


Oh boy, I have absolutely no idea - I´ve got a Singer sewing machine - perhaps you could try and Google your machine and see, what piece is missing ?


Regarding the boots, I would also search a bit more and find that one pair that fits like a glove... I´m going to use my boots for both the Visas Marr, Darth Traya and my new project a Royal Guard... (unless I find a pair of red suede for that one)

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It's definitely the shank that's missing. That pesky piece that connects the presser foot to the bar that comes out of the machine. The person who sold it to me does not have it either. Looked on Ebay and there are some on there but they state they are for several different kinds of machines. Someone in the Garrison has this same brand, waiting to see if they know if they're universal or not.

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