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New Visas build - Australia

Guest DJTrooper

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Guest DJTrooper

Hi guys, we need a little help.

We've had one of the approved Visas girls seamstress over there in the US do an amazing job in helping my wife with creating a Visas Marr Unseen Unheard costume.

Would you be able to offer any advice at this stage please?

She's a little concerned that the pinwheels may be too faint, even though the CRL does say they have to be.

What do you think?



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Guest Beverley
One of the girls from Southern Cross Garrison has an approved Visas. Might be an idea to drop on by our forums and ask. I'll also pm her and see if she can pop on by


You called, Obickay? ;)


I have the same Visas, and I do think that the pinwheels are quite faint on your dress, at the moment. They are there, I can make them out, but I think they just need a liiiittttle bit more silver in them to show them off a bit more.


I did mine in a silver permanent marker, cheap, easy, doesn't crack like paint, and worked a treat ;) if you have a steady hand, the pattern you have should be easy enough to trace over ;)


That veil is beautiful, by way :D

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Guest DJTrooper

Thanks guys.

Once the pinwheel was sprayed on in silver, it was then sprayed over with black to fade it out a little.

May have to try the silver marker pen then if it's going to be too faint for approval

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