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Lord Zetha

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Here are pics i have taken: Lord Zetha from swtor (2013 phase 2 version) hes the vendor on vaiken space dock.







Here are some pics of my guy wearing his outfit (currently available from the vendor labeled basic gear next to him)




Tell me what you all think (want to find this npc he is in supply section, Also is phase 2 version (Rise of Hutt Cartel))

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Good afternoon,


As of today, 08.10.13 I find no image reference for a Lord Zetha on Google. That strikes me as odd for a NPC in a popular Star Wars game. It would appear this would be a very fringe character. Fringe characters are sometymes hard to get 501st approval because of the misconception that our costumes should be easily recognizable.


501st costumes must be well researched and excellently crafted.


The character you describe as a NPC vendor. I should wonder under what circumstance one would see this character’s lightsabre. It is also odd to think anyone would take the tyme to design a unique sabre for what appears to be background NPC.


A real world vendor might point you to misleading reference to make a sale. I will cannot say that is the case here, but I advise caution. Links to the vendor and images of the costume would also be of help.


Be well,


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kk ty, the vendor originally had a different costume on before. the one he is wearing is new by 2 months (Rise of the hutt cartel new). ill wait till more references show up at a later date.

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