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Found 3 results

  1. Seventh Sister Inquisitor Patch Please read all information before placing order (see information in photo). Once order is complete you must complete google order form. Thank you!ORDER FORM -->
  2. AhsokaFreakingTano

    AhsokaFreakingTano Seventh Sister WIP

    So, for my final project in one of my classes, we have to 'design a look' well she only needs 1 piece of said look and my Jacket is going to need help only draping can satisfy. The only way I can justify why these muslin test garments don't fit well in several places is the following: I made the patterns digitally for another class, I was also 3 weeks post-car wreck and barely functioning like a normal human being, and I hate drafting on the computer I found out, I like doing it by hand on paper so I can see my lines first. Anyway, here we go. So the pants: overall they're really not awful, Any fit issues, all the pulling at the crotch is from the fact that this is muslin, and my fabric does have some stretch in it so I'm not worried about that. Waistband looks like it fits, and if I taper in the sides, we'll be golden. That's easy. Simple. I got that. Pfft. The jacket... okay let's do this the old-fashioned way. Pros: Overall it fits pretty good, I'm not going to touch the sleeves, I think they fit really nicely and will be better again: out of my actual fabric, oh and hemmed. I think the overall length is also good, I didn't hem this, I know I factored one into my patterns, but I didn't do it here. I think the overall fit is okay. I'm not going to mess with my princess seams until I fix the side seams, I want to fix all this extra stuff on the sides and doing that will change how the jacket hangs, I'll also take it in slightly at the side seams, After that I'll see if I need to take in my princess seams but I don't think that I will. The seams on the back look amazing, they seem to fit really well and I'll be able to tell more once I fix those side seams. Until I get to that point: my updates will be slow, I'm running around like a crazy person all the time trying to finish up my final semester of college and get all my personal costumes done (there are many) by October in order to prepare for Celebration. *sigh* may the force be with me. But: If I can help anyone else in any way, please don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Trachta

    Sixth Brother

    Hi! I'm interested in doing the Sixth Brother as seen in the new Darth Vader comics. The character was first introduced in the book Ahsoka by EK Johnson and made his picture debut in the comic Darth Vader: Dark lord of the Sith #6 and has been a reoccurring character. Reference Photos: