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  1. Hello, I've been approved for almost a year now, just found out that I need to post here haha Requesting detachment access please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18569 Thanks!
  2. Awesome! I look forward to seeing your build
  3. Hello Kracker! Raw silk is commonly used as it flows really well and has a good texture to it. There's a certain supplier that a lot of people use around here, I can't remember the name and my internet connection seems to be rather slow at the moment so I can't seem to find it, maybe someone else can direct you towards that. Myself and Nefthys have used a piano/mozart weave linen as an alternative since it has a very similar weave and flow to it. The amount will depend on your size and fit. the amount seems to generally go somewhere between 15-20 meters. I'm 5'9", slim build, and used somewhere around 17 meters for my costume. I used more than enough for my build as I wanted it to be as flowy and majestic as possible. I hope that helps!
  4. I will be making some actually. As soon as I get my printer filament in I'll be making a new master and molding that. I'll be producing several for sale depending on interest. I've already got 3 or 4 on my waiting list. *EDIT* So while at Celebration I ran into Brian Menze, the concept artist for Nihilus and got to talking to him for 20 minutes or so. He really liked my mask and recorded this for me! It was really cool to hear him say this about my work! https://youtu.be/my48y7Nv0DQ ( I can't seem to get the youtube link to embed :/ )
  5. Thanks! As Nefthys said, I got my approval while at Celebration and my ID number got sent to me a few days after I got back home. It's nice to finally be apart of the legion after trooping along side it's members for close to four years in my Mandalorian!
  6. Hi all! I'm a little new here but have been reading through the forums as I've been making my Nihilus costume as well as been in contact with Nefthys getting advice. This is my First 501st approvable costume but far from my first costume. I'm a member of the mandalorian mercs and have done some other video game and film costumes in the past. If you're interested in seeing my other costumes you can check out my deviant This is not so much a build thread as much as a finished costume thread. I'll start off with a few work in progress photo's though. I made the robes out of a Mozart (or piano) weave linen which has a very similar weave to the raw silk that's commonly used for the robes. I started with the belt. Next came the inner skirt. After that I was working on a few things at once but here's the robes. I 3d modeled the mask based off of reference I found online and from Kotor2. I then put my 3d printer to work and ended up with this. Once I had the mask glued together I started work on the head piece. Making the basic shape out of tape and paper then molding worbla around it. I then made a fitted worbla cap and attached the two together to make a nicely fitting head piece that doesn't move much at all on my head making it comfortable to wear. (Note: the 'cat ears' were extended forward a bit after the second photo was taken I just forgot to document it). Since I was in a hurry to finish the costume for a test run at a convention before celebration I stopped documenting progress in order to focus more on getting things done. Since the previous photos I have made the sleeves, finished the head piece, made the capes, got new gloves, and cleaned up, painted, and attached the mask to the head piece. All I have left to do is make the saber and do a bit more weathering overall. Here's the finished costume! Since the convention I've applied to the 501st and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully I'll get word before celebration! Cheers! -Paradoxdj
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