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  1. Hi! nice to see you here :D Hope you can find a properly fabric for the inner dress. Greetings!!
  2. Hi everybody! I would like to know if this kind of fabric is appropriate for Darth Traya. Of course in black, but this is the fabric I've bought for a jedy tunic Greetings
  3. The skirt... with the flash it looks black, let's see if with natural light its real colour can be seen better: Without flash (it's 20:20 p.m.)
  4. Hi! I've recently started with the Clone Wars Asajj Ventress. Here you have the first finished item of the costume, the crossed belts: The cross in the front of the belts will be cover for the buckle, which is not ready yet. As I finish more things, i will upload photos to get your opinion. Greetings
  5. Now that I have Visas Marr approved, I would like to make the KOTOR Visas. The colour of the fabric in both costumes is different but I want to know if the dark red fabric I used for the belt suits for the inner dress and the veil in Kotor Visas. Greetings
  6. Thanks!! I also would like to be grateful for the help I've received here
  7. Finally I'm approved!! :D I had to tone down the outer dress and make another belt (first one was too red) Detail of the wheel: Thanks for the help ypu gave me!!!
  8. My husband has done me a stencil with acetate (don't know if it is said like this) the problem here is finding a spray for fabric, that's why I wanted to do the painting circle by circle. Maybe you've said it before but what is the spray you have used? It's specific for fabric? As I've said, here there is not anything like this Greetings
  9. Thanks to two What's your opinion about this grey painting? Do you think it is still too hard for the dress? Greetings
  10. Roger roger Pam, you're always right Here you have the veil and sleeves painted:
  11. Congratulations for your ID!!
  12. The pattern is 13.50 cm, between the 10.15 cm and 15.25 cm showed in the standards do you think the size is ok??
  13. The outter dress pattern: Thanks Aysel when finish the inner dress painting, will wear dress and veil to check the result. Greetings
  14. Here you have the painted veil... Greetings
  15. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll take them into account . As far as the colour is concerned, maybe the flash of the camera is distorting the real colour because the "K" of the word is painting with the colour Aysel recommended me (I've already bought it but I'm afraid my painting is not good enough for the dresses) and it doesn´t look as gold as in her photo Greetings
  16. hello! I've found something for painting the inner dress for dummies: a golden pen!! Here you have a photo with the result; do you think this suits? Thanks
  17. Hello! Only the paint left... but I would like to know your opinion.
  18. Hello!, I'm thinking in putting the dress in a mannequin, stiking the pattern and applying an spray paint. Greetings
  19. Hello! Here you have the outer dress. Greetings
  20. Hello again, looking around the forum I could not found (or I haven't seen) any desing for the sleeves and veil painting. Is there any pattern as in the outer dress or shall I do it my way? Thanks
  21. Thanks!! Hope I could publish outer dress photos next week. Greetings
  22. Hello, here you have the new Visass dress:
  23. Helo! thanks for your usefull advices. I've thougt to take it in a bit at the seams around the hips, after sewing the extra piece around the chest, so that the dress has less belt form. As soon as I do it, I'll post a photo.
  24. Here is another picture, maybe the dress skirt is not in a perfect A but could it pass? As far as the dress lenght is concerned I can add a piece of fabric arround the chest (it will be covered by the outer dress) What do you think about this?
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