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  1. These aren't great pictures, BUT they are my very first troop, ever (not just as Visas Marr). My absolute favourite moment of the day was meeting the young lady below. She informed me that she hoped the Dark Side won and that she wished Darth Vader was her master. She did not want to let go of my lightsaber!
  2. I think it looks like a good colour - it's always hard to judge with indoor lighting like that, but I think it works! Go for it.
  3. And Visas is done! I wore her to my first event this past Monday - there's only one small adjustment I need to make, and then I'm satisfied with her! My veil was amazing - I had about 8 people ask how I could see - no one could figure it out! The very last person I met at my first troop was this wonderful young lady. She informed me that she wanted the Dark side to win and wanted Darth Vader as her Master.
  4. It's fantastic that your wife wants to join. This is my work in progress thread : viewtopic.php?f=30&t=2960 I am just finishing my second version of my over dress (should be done and photographed tonight!). I'm also happy to help if you have any questions.
  5. I got the costume finished and approved. I wasn't happy with it, though, and so immediately ordered new fabric to remake it. I got my fabric Sunday, sprayed it Monday and started sewing it last night. The dress isn't finished yet. I still have to add the caller, sleeves, zipper, and Hemit. That being said, I'm already so much happier with this version than what my first one! I am already SO much happier with it.
  6. I met with a friend to help me do a fitting today. The dress is coming along well. I have a few fit issues to fix and to take some of the fullness out of one side of the skirt. But this picture gives you an idea of where it's at. I'm getting close to being done - I can taste it!
  7. I started sewing the outer dress together last night. I got the front sides sewn to the front panel, then had to stop for the night. I realized I only have enough weights (Okay, books and storage containers!) that are heavy to hold down two seams at a time. I used an industrial strength glue on the seam allowances to hold them flat, which will help the dress lay better on the body. I had to leave it over night to dry - this will slow down the sewing process as I have to do this for each seam, but it's a necessary step. This morning, I had to pin it (within the seam allowances, so the holes won't show!) to my dress form so I could get a picture!
  8. I got lucky yesterday - I found the right lipstick shade for Visas Marr. And it's called 'Dark side' which amuses me to no end, as well! I have finally gotten brave and cut into my fabric for the outer dress. I spent Monday night stenciling it - it certainly took longer and is far more finicky then I planned because the stencil doesn't quite line up. But it is coming along and is certainly faster than by hand.
  9. Thanks to help from a couple people, I received my stencils today. Hopefully I can get the fabric done before the end of the year and then it's just a quick sewing projects to get her finished.
  10. You're absolutely right, and I am over there. They recommended I pop in here for additional help on body painting, though, as another possible venue for help.
  11. My underdress is about 90% done, yay! I need to hem the neckline and hem and sew the sleeves onto the dress. It's a bad picture, but you get the idea. Please ignore the half-grimace smile and awkward pose - I had pins poking me in very uncomfortable places!
  12. I'm working on a Pantoran Jedi costume for approval. As a Jedi, I don't need much painted, just hands and wrists, neck and face. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to do this is. I am from Canada, and intend to come to some events in the US (Like Celebrations). So an airbrush with a compressor is out. Any suggestions on another option?
  13. I have also got the sleeves nearly ready to go! I have to adjust the bottom hem of the cuff so they don't form quite such a point, but that's easy to do. Once I have the dress together, which is the easy part, I can move on to the over dress!
  14. Alright, so I'm back from vacation and a family funeral - time to get back to work on Visas Marr! I need to add ties to the veil, but I'm generally (about 85-90%) happy with it.
  15. I finally got my veil to the point I'm happy with it. So, today during my lunch hour, I drew out and traced the gold pattern for the eye area. I will be tracing out the pattern on the veil hem tonight, as well as starting to paint them!
  16. Maybe it's the time of night but I'm having trouble visualizing the seam placement you're suggesting. I looked at the link you provided but can't seem to see where they are on the veil. I will have to have another look tomorrow from a different computer screen.
  17. I cut out my fabric for the under dress tonight. And realized I am about 1 meter short for the sleeves and veil! Back to fabricland tomorrow to get more of it! I've also been trying to get the mock up of the veil right. I fought with it all last night, and tonight - I've almost got it right. Not quite but...closer than my frustrating attempts last night! I need to lengthen the back just a wee bit, and figure out how to get rid of the side creases at the top, without adding a dart in. Thoughts?
  18. I picked up fabrics this weekend, and am pretty happy with the weights, drape, and colours of everything! The red for the belt is not quite as bright as in the picture (bad lighting, sorry!)
  19. Hey all! I'm brand new, and not officially yet a member - I have decided on my first costume being Visas Marr. I'm torn between the two versions, but think I've settled on the comic version I have spent the last several days researching and collecting images, analyzing seam placements and hunting down patterns to alter for what I want. I can't wait to actually get started.
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