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  1. stephiejune4

    Hi from Fl

    Hello Everyone: I'm a current 501 member in Florida Garrison ( and I'm looking to gain access to the forums here so I can work on making my Mara Jade updated and approved, and build a Visas Marr. Looking forward to getting started. Thank you!
  2. stephiejune4

    Mara Jade in progress

    Hello! So I have begun my Mara journey with simple things I had and could make. I am in the process of doing upgrades when I can and looking forward to applying to 501st once I'm done (well I guess we're never truly done in costuming lol). What materials do you use for cloaks and cowls? - Stephanie
  3. Hello I'm Stephanie and I live in Oceanside, Ca. I am working towards joining 501st as Mara Jade. I have begun my Mara costuming journey and am making upgrades whenever possible (I attached a pic ). I am looking forward to the advice from the forums, and from knowledgeable members. I have loved Star Wars since I was young and love to do costuming. I am looking to join the SoCal Garrison, San Diego area Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can