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  1. Hey all, There is a character that I wanted to do for a long time, but this costume has not been approved as it hasn't been done by anyone yet. Also this gives me the chance to join the 501st with a character that I really want to do. So I hope you guys can help me out and guide me to get this costume approved. Yun The character that I want to do is from a 1997 game called Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Back in the day, this was my favorite game which I played a lot online. Still would if the graphics isn't so horrible. In this game there are 7 Dark Jedi, and one of them; the rookie, is Yun. As the youngest of the 7 Dark Jedi, Yun is rash, cocky and thinks he is better than the rest (except for the 6 Dark Jedi above him). Click here for an ingame movie. The fun thing about this character is that he is not completely evil, depending on the course of the choices the player (Kyle Katarn) makes. Should you choose the light side, Yun protects Kyle Katarn by blocking a strike by Sariss (also one of the 7 Dark Jedi), giving Kyle a fair chance to battle Sariss. Should you choose the dark side, then you will have a battle against Yun. Either way the outcome, he dies; end of story. As for me, I want to portrait him before these events. 7 Dark Jedi Except for the game and the Star Wars Wikia, not much is known of him as he only have one game he's in it. The only screenshots I can provide are dark ingame screenshots, ingame movies, and little (fan) artwork. My course of action and findings: As for character design, this is the most accurate what I can find. It has a two layered outfit. The under layer I cannot really say what kind of material it is, but I heard from somebody that it is a sort of Luke Skywalker (VI) garment. The outer layer is a grey robe fabric, used by the standard jedi robes. This is also hooded. Probably standard imperial boots (although it might be difficult with my small feet) ArtWork Actual ingame screenshot as how I remembered from the back Actual ingame screenshot as how it actually was from the front. Horrible.. Anyhow, I want to get this costume approved, so I can actually start building it. Thus I can also finally join the 501st. So any help and/or idea's are welcome! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Yun
  2. Hi all, I'm Jody. It took me more than a year to post something, but finally I'm about to get serious with it. In the future, I'd wish to join the Dutch Garrison. So hopefully my idea would get an approval before actually start building a costume. Nice to meet you ladies and gents.