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  1. This hood has been my bane of existence! 😂 So many trial and error to the point I needed my scrap material to make multiple patterns. I'm hoping this will pass once I get everything else put together! Ignore the stickers, it's been a rough weekend, so no face shots yet 😂
  2. I appreciate the feedback! 🥰 Its been a huge worry with each cut I made on this thing. Even tho I always measure 5 times, mark it out, test fit, etc. I'm too much of a "I wanna get this done in one shot" kinda person lol. I've got the old seamstress coming to give me a hand with the hood because I have absolutely zero idea where to start with it! And she use to make all my costumes when I was younger so it'll be nice to have that help and knowledge face to face with me. I'll be starting the cape either tonight or a bit later in the week as we have plans for the Young Padawans to head out a couple days this week for some Galaxy Exploring!
  3. Minus the belt, the skirt is completed! Now my son is the model and he's a lot taller than I am so please keep that in mind! Lol I am very happy with how this turned out! I'll be resetting the pleats with water an vinegar to hopefully be able to have a permanent press done.
  4. There are plenty of resources all over these forums and using google will also lead you in the right direction. Being a visual learner is great as that how I learn, but to show you pictures of the finished products is a very minor part in the process of getting there, having the proper equipment is a big part as well as the know how on sewing. Without those last two, pictures will only get you so far. Back to my WIP I was able to score 8.2m of the proper material today (took in my sample piece to match lol) so I should be able to get the rest of the soft parts finished up this week as I am also off work until next Monday! 🤩🥳 My goal this week is to finish the split skirt with hems and a waist, the pleated cape and the hood and caplet. I am also debating making the shirt myself as it'll be a bit harder to match the black of a bought turtle neck shirt to the material I have used for the handmade stuff. I've also been able to get my hands on the armor files so we should be able to start 3d printing them here shortly once we are able to get them to slice properly! QUESTION! Which one is my best at approval down the road?
  5. Im not 100% finished the skirt yet, but Im making it a complete skirt now and I'll add the splits when Im happy with the final hems and everything looks good. I did hit a bit of a snag this weekend when picking up some more material, so I may have to wait until I can get back into the city and get more of the same material. I might try some dye and see where that ends up but I wasnt thinking when I went into the material store without my sample 🤧
  6. So the most important part just arrived today! I may have nerded out and squealed a bit when I got it open. Hoping to work on the rest of the soft parts and get them done as I'm off work for a week starting Friday. Big bonus is, I'll have a extra set of experienced hands as my former seamstress mother is off as well.
  7. So I was able to sit down tonight after putting the padawans to bed and get the skirt done. Plenty of YouTube videos, coffee and swearing (due to pin pokes lol) and here it is!
  8. Anything worth the time and the accuracy will cost something. As Nina (hope its okay I call you that 🥺) replied to mine, there are a few vendors out there who will have some pretty accurate (with some work!) ready to print files. I've found some mask files ranging from $4 up to $100 on etsy, but the armor files. There is only one I've been able to find and it's the one that has already been posted throughout this forum. Anyway!!! So I started the skirt last night. It's been a while since I did pleats for anything so relearning how to do them with a youtube video playing in the background was rather comical! I am going with a 3 inch box pleat. I'm hoping to have it done and around the waist by the weekend as kids and work seem to be draining me! QUESTION; The waist is not visible correct? So if I were to take a pair of old black track pants and use the waist portion of those, I should be okay?
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone, I am newish to the whole DIY cosplay scene. I've got a few items I've made for my kids to make their store bought costumes just a bit better but I have decided to attempt to make one from scratch for myself. My older brother has a 3d printer so I have access to get prints done. I just recently finished a Revan make (not approvable) just to see and prefect working on 3d prints. My mother use to be a seamstress years ago and taught me to sew at a young age and those skills have stuck with me. I have since then taken over her machines (Older, but better built imho than the new ones today. A Brother Sewing Machine and a Companion Sergemate) so the soft parts should not be too much of a problem minus the lack of patterns to follow. I have decided to start my own thread here to show progress, get advice and hopefully be able to pick others brains on this, as no matter how much research I do, I always seem to have questions that I cannot find here or else where. To start with the soft parts, I am stuck on the hood pattern or where to even start with it? The cape and the split skirt should not be a problem as they both seem rather straight forward with box and knife pleats. The Lightsaber, I was able to catch a massive deal from a local source which I am very pleased with as this was going to be my biggest concern / obstacle. I look forward to all and any criticism, advice and anything else that'll help.
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