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  1. zorno666

    Kylo ren vendor

    i have seen it in person and it does look really good though for general costuming. Her husband also custom makes sabers including the one in the pic though there is like a 3.5 year wait list for one.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm Robby Zorn from Miami Florida. I have been a member of the everglades squad of the Florida garrison for almost a year and a half and my Nihilus has been approved about a year (SL-96669) I had trouble logging in a while back and just gave up but i'm back and looking for access.
  3. zorno666

    Help with Nihilus

    I would love to do a COTF Nihilus build but have 0 sewing ability. Can anyone refer me or does anyone know of someone that could potentially create the softparts for me. Thanks.