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  1. Thanks @Trachta I spent quite a bit of time trying to find this moment when the G.I. walks across the bridge to try and get a good look at his boots and then freeze framed it to get as good a look as I could. Quite the exercise! But I think it clearly shows that the cuff is seperate from the rest of the boot
  2. Yeah, I agree. The figures and the visual dictionaries often show sleeves/gloves as much darker than they are on screen.
  3. I also have concerns in regards to the boots and greaves, but this is being addressed in another thread.
  4. Next up are the gloves. In the CRL, these are depicted as being a medium grey in colour. I believe that these should be a dark grey, matching as closely as possible, the colour of the sleeves. (this can be seen in the second image above)
  5. The first big discrepancy I came across was on the shirt. In the CRL, the side panels and sleeves of the shirt are depicted as being black, however in the show, they are in fact dark grey. The same colour as the dark grey stripe on the trousers. These are screenshots taken directly from the show.
  6. Currently putting together a Grand Inquisitor costume. I have however, encountered a number of discrepancies between the CRL and what we see on screen in Rebels season 1. I will list below what I am working on and some of the discrepancies I have found along the way. Cheers, Timmy
  7. I am convinced that there is no hard armour on the boots at all, so I completely agree with you. I believe that what he's wearing are standard officer boots with a flared cuff worn around the ankle. And I also agree that the shins look different to the rest of the armour. The colouring, lighting and texture of the shins match the feet and don't match the rest of the armour, so I'm in agreement there too.
  8. So for some reason this is the only photo I could get to upload. It's not the greatest quality, however, you can clearly see that the flared cuff around the ankle is separate to the rest of the boots.
  9. Hello there, Thanks for posting Andy. I am the GML in question and after some closer examination, I believe that the G.I. wears basic officer boots with a flared "cuff" or "ring" around the ankle. You can see that the cuff is definitely a seperate piece from the rest of the boots in these shot (photos incoming) Whether this cuff is made of leather or is a hard armour, I'm not 100% sure on, but my bet would be it would also be leather. Cheers, Timmy
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