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  1. PaulTR

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    Playing with wood filler for smoothing instead of bondo/resin. Kind of dig it - easy to sand and looks pretty good. Was covering everything, but may scale it back to just the seams since it seems like automotive primer fills print lines pretty well. Using a hammered dark gray spray paint for the color and a little texture, and I dig it. Will black wash everything once they're all done.
  2. PaulTR

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    They totally are your finger/thumb Print files I got didn't have the hand parts. Also stole your elbows lol. Thanks for the tips on fixing the thumb out
  3. PaulTR

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    Elbows and hand parts printed. Ordered some tactical gloves without logos on Amazon. Will do a ton of sanding on the fingers and shoulders to clean them up, but I'm pretty happy with the hand plates and thumbs.
  4. PaulTR

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    Chest and abs done, as well as the second shoulder. Currently printing elbows and hand plates :) Will start printing the cod piece tonight, but that'll be a few days of printing. Slowly but surely getting the base of everything done, then it's time to clean up all of the 3D Gloop! and sand, then prime and paint.
  5. PaulTR

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    Shoulder #1 done. Just started #2, and about half way done printing the upper chest.
  6. PaulTR

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    Just started 3D printing the armor parts for my Sith Acolyte, figured I'd do a build thread as I go along Just finished printing and gluing the mask, and have two printers running right now on the chest plate and shoulders. Using 3D Gloop! to glue everything together and printing in PLA on a Prusa i3 Mk3S and a super cheap Mk2 clone Mask: Will get everything printed first, then go through and do the whole bondo/filler step before painting. Updates may be a bit sporadic since I travel a lot for work.
  7. Hey folks, 14863 here. Current 501st kits are an Imperial Officer, Tusken Raider and Snowtrooper (I don't think we can be in the Mountain Garrison without at least some interest in a snowie :P). Also have an X-Wing Pilot in the Rebel Legion, and I'm in the middle of making a Jedi and Jawa (by "I'm", I mean my fiancee, since she wants us to have matching kits and she already has those two). Just bought the 3D print files for a Sith Acolyte (warrior/juggernaut/marauder/whatever the proper name should be :p) yesterday, so working on the mask now. Will start a build thread soon. Planning to sand, bondo, sand, bondo, prime and make a mold/resin cast each piece, so this'll be a long process, but pretty stoked. Hope to interact with more people from this detachment over time, and aiming to have my kit ready and approved by Celebration next year in Anaheim