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  1. Thedroidurlooking4

    Visas Marr WIP

    So this is the pattern she painted, I have reservations but she said she got it from the CLR Visas Marr board (here?) Thoughts? I just don't know how I would fix it if it doesn't get approved...
  2. Thedroidurlooking4

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    I don't think I'm currently going for Rebel Legion but that is great advice to keep in mind if I do. Thank you! Did you solve that problem?
  3. Thedroidurlooking4

    Visas Marr WIP

    Hello, I reached out to the seller (Tabitha) and she said she will work with me on getting the outfit more to CRL: I fully understand. I have worked on the pattern and have changed the sleeves so they are fuller/longer. And I agree about the veil. When I get to that point, I can send you pictures so you can make sure it looks right. I don't mind you sharing your concerns. Please let me know and I will try to get you the best information about what I'm doing that I can to set your mind at ease. Sincerely,Tabitha So it does seems that she genuinely wants to help put things right. I'll let you all know how it turns out, I took the gamble.
  4. Thedroidurlooking4

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    Oh I see, thank you I will certainly ask her those questions
  5. Thedroidurlooking4

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    Yes it's the same vendor. Do know what would have to be fixed?
  6. Thedroidurlooking4

    Introductions and Pending Forum Member Approval

    Oh cool! Yeah I'm hoping to find someone who will sew the costume for me. I met a lady on Etsy but she's starting college so she said it could take her up to four months vs 4-6weeks to complete the outfit for me. If you know anyone that would be willing to take on a project like that I'm willing to pay for the time, effort and skill (I'm hopeless with a sewing machine,lol)
  7. Hello, I am looking for a seamstress or tailor to help me create a Visas Marr Unseen Unheard outfit. I found someone on Etsy who made and sold the costume but she is returning to college and said it could take up to 4months to complete a request currently so I am hoping someone on here would either know someone or be interested/able to help themselves.
  8. Thedroidurlooking4

    Introductions and Pending Forum Member Approval

    Hello All, I currently reside in Minnesota and am looking to join the Central Garrison. I'd like to do both Visas Marr (Unseen Unheard) and Iden Versio, I have several components for Versio because my boyfriend was hoping we could be in the same detachment but thought Visas looked pretty and a little more obtainable cost wise. I'm joining because my boyfriend is super passionate about Star Wars and I love all of the event opportunities to get involved with the community