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  1. We have a couple people close to submitting in the fb group. The finishing of the neck seal is their last step. But as far as I know, there's no official CRL yet.
  2. Colors: My thoughts are that the shirt is a charcoal grey, pants black, tunic red, belt and arm bracers deep dark brown. Has there been talk about what fabrics this is supposed to be? I haven't done the indepth study yet of Merrin compared to second sister.
  3. The CRL is not needed for first approval. It will be wrote as the first person puts in a costume to be judged. My write up is information that has been gathered from the Second Sisters Build Group on facebook (which has really great hi-res images to help you). To submit you will need to gather your references. A 360 of the character is recommended as well as close ups of details. The level of available reference material is amazing, so they'll probably be looking for something as accurate as can be translated from a 3D game character. Once you have the outfit built, take the appropriate ph
  4. Edited the above description with new detail clarifications.
  5. This is my breakdown write up from the Second Sisters Build Group on facebook. The community has put the microscope on the details and we came to these conclusions for material and accuracy. This is so very near the final version of what we have discovered. Anyone is free to use what is provided for their own use. One of the few things remaining is the description for an unmasked version which the community wanted to hold out for a couple weeks due to potential game spoilers. I have a bunch of hi-res reference images to organize and contribute as well. Those will be posted or have an available