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  1. Darth Amon

    Non Armored Bane

    I found this depiction of Bane and was wondering if anyone could provide more detail on it? This is the costume I would like to do.
  2. Please post where you are from, what Garrison you are/will be a part of, what costume you are looking at doing, and why you are joining (or joined) the 501st. This is so we can all get to know each other! I'm from Michigan and will probably join the Great Lakes Garrison. I'm actually looking at doing a Darth Bane costume if I can find more detail on the version I would like to do. After I'm done with that I plan on doing a Mandalorian. I am also working on a Mara Jade costume for my wife. Once I get an approved costume I would join the 501st to meet up with like minded individuals and help out with charity drives.