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  1. You definitely have a point with the open faced mold, that would be pretty simple and it's not like the back is really seen. Are there any exact dimensions for the size? Or at least something close-ish? I am glad you reminded me about heat. I was going strictly for looks and thinking "Oh last April Chicago was super cold". But unless I plan on having separate robes for the summer, (I don't) you just saved me some more time! This is why I love WIPs!
  2. Ahhhh then I am glad I asked! I'm thin and average height so stuff being big has been something I've run into. Back to digging for a mask! https://ultrasabers.com/product/butcher/ THIS is the second saber I meant to link.
  3. So I'm a big fan of WIPs when it comes to costumes and props. I posted in the introduction, but a brief synopsis of me- I've been making costumes for about 6 years. I've done 4 of my own Mandalorian kits and worked on other's, and made some other non-swarsy costumes. I'm finally attempting 501st membership with Revan. I tend to be really detail oriented so bear with me if this first post is a lot, I've done quite a bit of digging so far. My initial focus is on the hard parts. The main reason for this is Winter in Ohio. It limits my painting ability somewhat so I want to knock that out before temps drop too much. Soft parts, black washes, leather work, and other sewing can be done inside. I'm aiming to be in this by Celebration, so I've gotta manage my time right. If all else fails I can airbrush inside. That being said, I intend to make my hard parts. I've seen people have some luck with worbla/EVA, fiberglass, even leather. I have a couple of ideas based on materials I'm familiar with, and I'll post the results. Again, if all else fails I'll attempt to outsource. https://www.etsy.com/listing/387501496/darth-revan-sith-mask-kit?ref=user_profile <-This is my current top choice for the mask. The main reason being is that it's resin, and unpainted (painting is my favorite part!). WA's looks great too, but I'm unsure about the weight of it. I imagine the WA one weighing a lot less than a resin cast, but I feel like resin would have a more substantial feel. I'm going on my experience with Mandalorian helmets though, so some advice on this would be appreciated. https://ultrasabers.com/product/savior/ <- I've seen this brought up recently as a potential replacement for something like the VV saber. I would LOVE to be able to smack my saber around a bit so knowing if I could use this would be great. Also, I plan on carrying both sabers. So is this the one that has the red blade? Or is it the other hilt. https://ultrasabers.com/product/savior/ <- I'm least sure about this one. I can't really tell, but I THINK this is meant to be his other saber. Again, would this then be the purple blade? Clarification would be greatly appreciated. The other thing that I'm having some trouble locating is the large center ring. I'll keep digging for it, but if someone knows of a way to get it or how it's made, that would save me time and that's going to be the biggest help here. I'll leave it there for now, I've got a bunch of notes to sort though for fabrics and materials to gather. My next update will probably be asking for opinions on those. I just want to say I'm super excited to be tackling something like this finally, and all my forum lurking shows me a great and helpful group of people here. I really hope to be joining the ranks of the Flagship Eclipse in the coming months. Thanks.
  4. Hello Flagship Eclipse! I'm Ryan, I've been all over but I'll be in Ohio for the foreseeable future. So my garrison will be Ohio! I started my Star Wars costume journey 6 years ago at Celebration, and I joined the MMCC shortly after. I was always intimidated by the 501st, and afraid that the standards were beyond my skill, but after 5 solid years and twice as many costumes, I've committed to Revan. I have a special place for that character, KOTOR/KOTORII were some of the first games I got REAL into, and Revan is literally an anagram of my name. I'll be posting in the Revan specific forum soon with some things like double checking on sources. I look forward to getting to know everyone!
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