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  1. My wife recently submitted for approval for her Seventh Sister Outfit, and at the moment it came back not approved. We commissioned the armor to be built by a well know builder and it had to be customized to fit my wife. Due to the customization the Circle on the back was more of an Oval shape, and due to that it came back not approved. I am wondering if somebody has ideas on how to sculpt this to make it a circle. The easy part is my wife needs a balaclava so no skin shows with the helmet. I appreciate any suggestions .
  2. Hello All, My name is Lewis and I am from Bartlesville Oklahoma(North of Tulsa) I am a member of the Oklahoma Garrison as a TK. I joined the forums as my wife is looking to build a Seventh Sister. She has gathered the Armor (except the helmet and soft goods at the moment) and I will be posting on the Seventh Sister area for some help. Looking forward to helping her get on the proper path with the Dark Side.
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