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  1. 25 minutes ago, CrazyMarlin said:

    Took a run at making my own gloves to accommodate the longer fingers and clawed fingertips. 3D printed a two inch extension for each finger that ends in a point. Still needs some tweaking but looks good with the bracer on. Hoping for warmer temps tomorrow to start priming and sanding the bracers.IMG_20221227_152527_008.thumb.jpg.25f1a3c4b7acaf3811370ac5545063df.jpg

    I think the top (back of hand) will need some kind of glossy / shiny black almost skeleton like claws that extend to the knuckles and a suede style glove.


  2. 1 minute ago, TheLoneInquisitor said:

    On another note, I think I noticed something. 



    I think there’s a backing around the bottom of the mask. When he moves his head in several scenes, that part moves with the mask rather than the hood.


    Yes I noticed that too, there is indeed a backing.  It's kind of like a bag over his head with the mask attached to it. 

  3. I think the Inquisitor might actually be wearing 2 capes and I noticed the padding on the thighs extend up to the rib cage as well.  The pouches on the side have belt straps kind of like what you would see on a holster and I noticed his gauntlets look very similar to the animated Grand Inquisitor ones.  He also has a metal decoration on his back which I presume is where he keeps his saber.








  4. 1 hour ago, Officercato said:

    Did you use a local printer for this, or was it online?I need to create the files, but finding a service I can send fabric to would be great.

    I used Joanns fabrics online for printing. I tried other services like Spoon flower and print fab but Joanns was the only one that provided a shiny satin that I needed to give it a reflective look. 


  5. 29 minutes ago, Officercato said:

    The majority of my fabrics are on the way!! I'm getting pretty excited. Ordered my boots today too. I'll be sourcing leather locally, so I'm going to wait until I have the undersuit and cape done before I jump into that part. 


    I do have a question and wanted get some opinions. I've gone back and forth about the printing. I still strongly believe that it is high density printing, but would it be unapprovable if I went with a basic flat print? Finding local sources to either create screens for me or to do the printing hasn't been very successful and I may never get this done at this rate.  There are plenty of screen printing companies, but not that are willing to do this kind of custom work. I wanted to do it all myself, but I just can't justfify the expense to buy all the equipment needed to do it since I'll never screen print again after this. 


    Thoughts? Should I go for a typical screen print and not worry about the slightly raised effect? I could also fake the dimension a little with some paint which I wouldn't have an issue doing. 








    I came across the same issue when reaching out to screen printers, none of them wanted to touch it, usually because it was so large.  I went with the flat route after learning that raised print pattern would be near impossible to recreate without the highly specialized machines at Quantum FXs. They made the fabrics with a special kind of 3d printer.  My flat print came out just as good. 


  6. Very great progress! I have that inquisitor saber too it's very cool!  The only difference between Xeno and Proffie is the proffie has more custom animation effects for the blade.  Wattos Junkyard is releasing a grand inquisitor hilt from the Kenobi series I'm hoping to grab soon!

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  7. 2 hours ago, AphraCat said:

    What a wonderful build!

    Just to make sure the hand makeup doesn't come off, make sure to use some makeup setting spray. Will make the need to reapply a lot less and you won't transfer onto anything else.

    Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk

    My friend Steven found that spandex thin gloves with nails attached can work as well with his palpatine! 

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  8. I have the Chest, back plate, and forearms fully printed.  With 3/4 thigh pieces printed.  Still need to print the shoulders and belt pieces.  







    I've been post-processing the completed prints tonight. I believe one more go with some sanding should be good for the back and forearms.  I'm thinking of more bondo on the chest plate. 


    I also got word that the silicone mask I commissioned is being shipped soon.


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