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  1. goldenhawk

    Knights of Ren CRL's

    Discussed The Knights of Ren with the LMO. It's a no go. They are not approvable due to the lack of references. So I am going to submit these costumes with The Dark Empire instead.
  2. Here is The Monk.
  3. The Armory from the Knights of Ren. The Monk will soon follow. The Heavy will finish out my Knights of Ren Costume Project.
  4. The Sniper from The Knights of Ren
  5. goldenhawk

    The Rogue from the Knights of Ren

    Test run during a Troop.
  6. goldenhawk

    The Rogue from the Knights of Ren

    The Helmet. And the test fit pictures of the Helmet.
  7. goldenhawk

    The Rogue from the Knights of Ren

    Parts from The Rogue Costume
  8. Since I wear an approved Kylo Ren Costume, I decided to proceed with making the other Knights of Ren. I have finished The a Rogue and members of my Garrison suggested that I begin to write the CRL or something of the sorts. The Sniper is in progress and will be completed once I get a smaller, properly sized Helmt. .