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  1. Kiwibabe

    Mara Jade planning - fabric choice

    Thanks for your reply! I like the price of that one and thought I might order enough for a trial run at that price. Spandex underneath - never thought of that! Thanks. Would you baste together first then sew as usual? Think there might be a lot of potential for one layer to slip? I’m in Norwich, heading to fabric shop this week too
  2. Hi, so this project is just in planning stages having read lots of really helpful posts, blogs and tutorials here on how to make an awesome Mara Jade costume. It all makes sense in my head at the moment! My only question for now is about choice of fabric for the bodysuit - it’s not an item I’ve made before. I will be sewing it on my own standard sewing machine & overlocker. I know it needs to be black, semi-shiny 4 way stretch fabric. Does anyone have any tips on fabric weight, composition or choice beyond this, available in the U.K.? Preferably something that won’t drive me to distraction but this is impossible to tell from photos alone I know. Have found these two on a very quick search - any thoughts gratefully received. I’ve seen what is recommended in US (Yaya Han pleather) but don’t know of this in U.K many thanks, Clair
  3. Hi I’m Clair & I live in Norwich, UK, although I’m from New Zealand. As my husband has gotten clearance for his Darth Vader this week, I thought I should put some effort into our local meet up in September (Norcon). He has convinced me that if i’m going to make a costume anyway I should aim to make it worthy of the 501st! Mara Jade would be a great addition to our genealogy as number one son is a dedicated four-year-old Kylo Ren and I’m not really a Padme or Leia.