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  1. Goodie, thank you! Sent fra min SM-N950F via Tapatalk
  2. Awsome DTCorvus, thank you very much for the link to the gloves. The other masks will be taken to consideration. About the boots though, do you have a link for the ones you went for? Or are the ones I've linked up top ok for Nihilus? This does indeed help out
  3. Hello everyone After a happening with the 501st in Bodø, northern Norway a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was going to make my own costume(s), and join the 501st. I'm in the works for making a Biker Scout as well as the Nihilus, because hey, Bicer Scouts are cool. Not Nihilus-cool, but the next best thing. Anyhow, after looking around for hours, I finally found my first piece of the build - the blackout mask. Just placed the order with a norwegian website, so will probably get in in a weeks time (yay!). It's called "the original Morphsuit mask" We'll see how it goes. Currently I'm looking for the gloves. I've noticed on the forums that Pam and Scotts tutorial on how they made Scotts suit are more or less the go-to guide for the COTF, and I've also seen lots of great WIP-threads here on the forum. Thank you all in advance, and I WILL steal your ideas Maybe.. As I mentioned - gloves. Do the ones I've linked below work for Nihilus once I've cut the strap at the wrist, or will I have to continue looking? Horrible link follows, as I have no clue how to shorten the bugger: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Premium-Cow-Hide-Leather-Men-Gauntlet-Gloves-Motorcycle-Biker-Black-/232169025053?var=&hash=item360e5a2e1d:m:mHBr9cwM4k8muSMWl1TjWWQ&vxp=mtr If anyone has a set of lovely gloves they'd like to recommend me, please leave a comment down below. Preferably with a equally horrible link as I've put in above. Also, boots. Havent bought anyone yet, but I did find these ones - quite possibly in one of the other threads in this forum http://www.imperialboots.com/product/jackboots/ From what I've gathered they should work for the costume, but I wanted a second opinion of those. I have seen the russian variant, but the shipping was more expensive than the shoes, so no thanks to those. Apart from that, I'm mostly in the planning stage as of now. I plan to buy the mask from Pam, make the belt from parts I'll order (probably) from Tandy Leather, and the fabric I will try to the best of my ability to sew myself, probably with mom on the phone. That should be it - /end rant. If you are still reading, sorry for the novel and for my second language english Cheers Morten
  4. Hello everyone, and thank you for the access to the forum! I'm an aspiring member of the 501st from Norway, so looking at joining the Nordic Garrison. At the moment I'm researching several costumes, but the ones I'm definately making are Darth Nihilus COTF version, and a Biker scout. This is the first I've ever done in making any costumes, so I'm looking forward to get started, and also to get to know some of you Cheers, Morten
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