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  1. Lakrymosa

    Issues on WA Nihilus build?

    Cat ears? Thanks for the feedback. He sent me all the info, but the skirt/tunic issues are the only things I can't fix on my own. I should have looked over the photos before I forwarded them from the photographer, otherwise I would have caught the little things. We are still very new and getting to know everyone, so I guess I just need to get more comfortable with asking for guidance! Thanks again.
  2. Lakrymosa

    Issues on WA Nihilus build?

    We are going through the approval process right now and everything looked good except that we had the cape over the shoulder in the picture, rather than behind the shoulders. Now my GM is requesting additional photos of each item as it is placed on, so I'm sure it's going to be an issue that there isn't a second tunic or skirt. I can understand getting a second shirt for a layered look, but the second tunic seems so unnecessary since you can't see it at all. I'm just curious if anyone else has run into this and what route they took to remedy it. WA is more than happy to help me out by making the additional pieces, but I'd like to get all of my options here. Thanks!
  3. Hello from Wisconsin! My name is Audrey and I am not a member yet. I just finished building Darth Maul for my husband and he was approved a couple of weeks ago (SL-61286 for Wisconsin Garrison - Blood Moon Squad). We are hoping to submit our Darth Maul - Black Sun (topless) build soon and then I can start working on a build of my own! We found the 501st after doing Maul/Ventress for Halloween for the last couple of years, but my Ventress was not based off CRL, only a Deviant Art design, so I need to figure out which direction to take. I would like to do the Concept version, but with the hooded cloak. My only question would be that if I do a hooded version, would I be required to be bald, or could I wear a hijab? I look forward to browsing the forums for more information and speaking with you all!