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  1. MandalorHunter

    501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

    Requesting membership to detachment DS-77910 Asajj Ventress Clone Wars
  2. MandalorHunter

    Clone Wars Ventress

    What would it cost to have your friend 3D print a buckle. I will pay for shipping also?
  3. MandalorHunter

    Clone Wars Ventress

    How do you connect your belt buckle to your belts?
  4. MandalorHunter

    Clone Wars Ventress

    I am not sure. I know I click on Print and it shows part of the design in the box that would be the sheet to print and then nothing. I opened it in Photoshop and cropped each tabbard into 8x10 sheets and saved each sheet. I have 4 sheets to print per tabbard to size them to me. Fingers crossed that it will work. What has everyone used to create the belt buckle? I do not have access to a 3D printer. Was hoping to get ideas from other ladies Thanks in Advance
  5. MandalorHunter

    Clone Wars Ventress

    So I opened this in Adobe Illustrator and I am trying to print but I keep getting the pages you are trying to print are al blank but I can see your 3 tabbards. I am not familiar with Illustrator. Please help Thank you
  6. MandalorHunter

    Clone Wars Ventress

    So I met up with my seamstress and went over what we need to start building. We have questions. 1. Can the tabard fabric be mulberry and the pattern painted on with the golden tan? 2. Can the tabard be attached to the belt buckle instead of the skirt? if not why attach to the skirt? 3. The belt Buckle. What is the diameter of the buckle 3 1/2 in or 4 in. What is everyone making them out of? Also behind the rectangle is a design. What is the design? And is the rectangle and triangle recessed? Thanks for all the help
  7. MandalorHunter

    Clone Wars Ventress

    Thank you for all the help and detailed details. I am officially starting my Ventress and this will help me tremendously.