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  1. Hello! For the capelet, I use 2 different size smooth keyrings and feed them to 2 small strips seen into the front part of the capelet on each side. So long as you aren't continually stretching the key rings, they stay slim and you can't tell.
  2. If you are an active and approved member of TFE or SLD, go check out the new TFE coin run! You can find it here. If you are active and approved but can't see the post, make sure you have the correct permissions and rank. If not, you can request the correct permissions here.
  3. Approval is not the only requirement for costume creation, and we absolutely LOVE seeing people build the characters they love regardless of said approval. Hooray!
  4. E6000 works, or you can use double sided velcro depending on how it is all attached. I have not seen how the v2 Revan stuff fits together, but I know the original was just double sided velcro to make removal easy. I also included the velcro option on my custom built armor that still utilizes the straps and belt from my original MWA armor because, well, I am lazy and that was more work that I didn't have time for πŸ˜…. The double sided floats inside the receded part of the back of the strap and meets flush with the armor side of the velcro to close up.
  5. So long as you get the correct updated versions, MyWickedArmor has both versions available that meet minimum requirements. Do not listen to anyone that says the masks are interchangeable for KOTOR II and COTF versions as they are not. I have made many posts in the GML and TFE forums about this, so unsure why people would be saying as such.
  6. I wrap the cape backwards over the front of the armor, twist the shoulder straps so that the back armor is sitting on top of the front armor, and then put the now-thin section of armor in a tote. Everything else gets folded or wrapped and put on top of this. If I am tired and lazy, I just keep the armor attached like normal and shove everything between the front and back armors where my body would be, still using the cape to wrap over it.
  7. Yeah from what I remember in quick passing, it was a good start, so definitely something doable! Excited to see it come to completion as I love the look of this character and have been hoping someone comes along with one that we can push through approval!
  8. Greetings! We lost track of one another amidst the chaos of the photo and didn't get a chance to talk. I will note that a previous applicant submitted and was turned down as the back references do not show a lace up system for the corset. There were some specific section details of the sleeves that need to be represented, and the collar spikes were attached to a specific piece (mind is hazy on that part without the full folder of references we had).
  9. To continue posting, please register. We are discontinuing guest post permissions for safety purposes against bots and spammers. Thank you.
  10. Maybe we could bug Gio at CrowProps to make a perfect custom of the Reva boots, too. πŸ˜…
  11. This is not the exact one I was looking for, mind you, but still waiting on responses for it. So frustrating when you know something exists and can't place it!
  12. Here's one of them. Is it just a worked-in Pirate Cosplay Boot. https://www.medievalcollectibles.com/product/simple-medieval-boots/?attribute_pa_color=black&attribute_pa_shoe-size=large-mens-12-13&matchtype=&keyword=&gclid=CjwKCAjw7vuUBhBUEiwAEdu2pD4wyNavEPKT5_cNTnZr7aYqTHh02DKCcu_qTd7G4OAXvSkz8jmvwhoCqQ4QAvD_BwE
  13. I know I have seen the exact base boot before in various groups. It is a replica jack boot with the exact toe and, "slouchy" mid foot section. I have asked in several groups that utilize the boot to see if they can isolate the exact make to assist.
  14. Commented a bit in the FB thread, but that fabric looks to have a really good rib when it has the bit of stretch!
  15. I would say on the boots, maybe go for a wider toe.
  16. Apparently the Savior hilt from Ultra Sabers isn't terrible. Just make sure if you're doing double-wield that you get 2 of the same hilt and NOT the Raven as the SWTOR version with stabby emitter is NOT approvable. https://ultrasabers.com/product/savior/
  17. Just want folks to know we aren't going to go with the, "yeah that looks about right" method since we have true detail to go off of. πŸ™‚
  18. Just a heads-up on all these: We are going to wait until we have completely clear and high quality shots of all the new characters. These will be the first live action characters for TFE, so we will be doing things a bit differently than our normal CRL approval with regards to requirements.
  19. Welcome! Can't see the top of the tunic very well, but you'll want to make sure you have the double tunic look. You can add a false double layer to the existing one if it isn't there and save yourself wearing two tunics.
  20. I'm also excited to see this going again!
  21. If there are no patterns discernible in the references, then a patterned fabric in creation will not be approvable. It's a very pretty color, though!
  22. Sounds like the pleats are just like Revan's cape! Left and right facing knife pleats, and a single box pleat formed from them in the middle. Also, given that it is a real world reference, yes, darts are required to match for CRL if they are present on the actual character.
  23. They're probably the best minimal work armor that is actually fairly accurate, so good choice to go with.
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