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  1. 20th anniversary means it would be a design based around the 20th anniversary of KOTOR. The design isn't completed but we want an idea before committing to building the design because each design costs is money.


    The multi approved characters means multiple character options.

  2. Looking like someone or something is no bearing for eligibility. The LMO's voted overall no due to the following:


    "So we have put it to the vote and the vote has failed for 501st inclusion. Feedback/comments included:


    “Jedi who was a bit extreme but still a Jedi.”


    “Character-wise though, even in darkness his motivation was to save the Jedi. He wanted the Order to thrive. He went about it in a very bad way, but his intent was to preserve them. I don't think that puts him as a good logical fit for us.”


    Although some did argue for his inclusion so it wasn’t just one way. 


    “If you read the whole story, his motivation was to overthrow the Empire and take over the galaxy himself ..

    Plus he 'dark side' bled his saber crystal. A definite 'dark side' trait.”


    We also discussed how it could be done safe and looking good with no arm. Other options where mentioned:


    “There are images of this character 'force' projecting a right arm via telekinesis (like a force ghost) that could in theory be used as a way around a missing limb. Kinda like the 'force ghost' characters portrayed at conventions.”


    So overall it was an open debate with different views but ultimately the majority vote was a no sorry."

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  3. On 8/5/2023 at 11:27 PM, LordZedel said:

    @DarthValkyriaso if understand this correctly then the lightsaber of darth (Revan kotor 1) is a savior red bladed

     the darth Revan (kotor 2) is 2 savior hilts 1 red and 1 purple as shown in the CRL.

    why are there so many Revan who have the swtor purple Revan reborn hilt with their submissions?

      I've seen Revan get approved with both hilts, in saber guild and in the 501st. 


    were both hilts approvable at one point and was changed or is this something I just didn't catch? 

    2023-08-05 (2).png

    Because they don't read the CRL and assume that because non-game references use it that it is ok.

  4. I recommend making your own mock-up with muslin to find your specific measurements for it. The variation between shoulder width, neck length, and skull size mean everyone will have a different size necessary for a custom pattern.

  5. 15 hours ago, Sume said:

    I been approved.  Did need to retake a picture of the hood. I managed to get it proper and was sort of hard to take the picture myself. 


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  6. My only real recommendations for basic are just make sure the armor lines up nicely on the bottom edge and pull down the hood a bit more to cover the top of the mask. Good luck with the approval submission! :) 

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  7. If a costume that you want to build is not currently in the Legion roster, you'll be coordinating directly with the Detachment. The order is operations for the process is as such:


    1. Contact me with all the references you are able to grab to validate the details of the costume, and an excerpt describing why the character should be included into the Legion. The references will be tossed into a Google drive that we send the link to.


    2. I'll take all of that and submit to the assigned TFE LMOs, who will take the info to the main LMO group for a 7 day vote on legitimacy.


    3. If the vote passes, you'll want to start a build thread here and keep us in the loop as you build to the references. We do not do pre approval CRLs because we don't want you building to words, but to the actual references.


    4. Once built, you will let us know so we can get everything uploaded into the drive folder to go through analysis by TFE DCAs.


    5. If it passes DCA approval, it will move to LMO approval. Again, another 7-day vote will occur.


    6. If approved, we will begin final work on the CRL, including getting CRL photos from you. If not approved, changes will be relayed and then start again at step 4.


    7. Final CRL will go through LMO confirmation and approval, and then once published, we'll work with you to get the information with your GML to assign the costume to your profile.


    If there are any questions, please ask!

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  8. We had an issue with our last year LMOs and things never got to the actual main LMO group for voting/confirmation, which put a set-back on several costumes this year. I have resubmitted and apologize for the severe delay in this. 

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