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  1. Without actually seeing it on a person's head, it is hard to determine what the proportionality is. One being approved in, unfortunately, not much to go on as there are so many approved helmets  and masks across the Legion that, in fact, should not be.

  2. I'm trying to search for any that I find in my free time to see if it will help. Though, admittedly the concept of, "free time" right now as I am going through test week, work deadlines, medical stuff, and a week-long Fiesta troop planning are a bit scarce. 


    If I come by any that work well with the lower heel I will post here!

  3. The problem comes in that there wasn't a cohesive concept of reference requirement when this costume was approved. It is why the COTF Nihilus is actually an amalgamation of 3 almost completely different sources (box art, minifig, and 3.75" fig). 

    There's a line where it becomes logical (and practical) to update certain costumes for specific reference inclusion and exclusion, and where it becomes downright impossible. COTF Nihilus will pretty much never be capable of accuracy to any specific reference, but this one *might* be able to. 

    If you are wanting to look into the possibility of it, we can definitely pull together a think tank of the DL, XO, advisors, Det LMOs, and those wanting to be involved in this, but we need to be sure we want to go down that road before we start as we can't do half-assed CRL reformations.

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  4. By definition of how the 501st Legion validates approvability (as of 2012 and later), details must match within a single reference. That means that you can not combine references for details of parts of a costume. You must also utilize cohesive reference, meaning if one reference differs from another (in this case, book cover vs comics) you can not combine them and must think of them as separate existences for the purpose of approval. If you are basing it off the hilt from the book cover, then it would need to be the complete cover version submitted, which is not possible because there is not a full 360 degrees of cohesive reference even on that front.

    We need some level of consistency to create any value of a basis of system for approvals, and picking and choosing which details we utilize from different references defeats the purpose of having an approval system at all, or being able to claim the highest level of quality in reference comparison that the Legion has. The only time this is not applicable in when there are differences within the SAME reference material, e.g. Aphra and her Barbie-like array of clothing and accessories options within a single issue of a comic. You are technically able to pick and choose different setups based on what she wears in the comics. Generally the same parts but in different combinations with some variation in designs (like her aviator cap and goggles that are different in every damn panel.


    Now, that doesn't mean you can't utilize whatever hilt you want in your free time, but for the purposes of approval and trooping, the rules of approval dictate that you use and wear what is in the approval and the CRL.

  5. The mask looks rather large in proportions, but detail wise looks good.


    The lower section of the chest armor (ab section) is not correct. It lacks the separation between the chest and the ab by the soft armor (leather or leatherlike material). It is not a single piece.

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  6. Just as a head's up to anyone interested in doing this costume:

    It has been agreed that so long as the visible parts of this costume match the references available, I am good with allowing the missing parts to be supplemented from Eleena Daaru's references.


    With that, I look forward to seeing a high quality submission soon! :) 

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  7. Pretty much, yes. The velcro is not permanent, so don't be too worried about messing it up. 

    If you need, you can have someone help you align it and use tape to outline where it needs to go so you have a template to use for placing the other side of the velcro.

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