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  1. what material he was taken to the Sith Trooper is a PVC 3-5 mm. not allowed to create arcs. you can see the design is not too easy . and perhaps destroy it and start over.torso already more wrong . arms are already spread out , and I think I will do a new one. because here I August accounts incidence of side guards do not like.according to me , buddy thighs are cone-shaped
  2. I know from the torso to the amendment. together with epaulettes are on a hard material and a mistake. helmet is already drawing and busier an already Layout. lighting works backpack I correct torso from back. We are staying more tailored to the body He asked me more of a description of what still improve
  3. helmet does not yet have fasunku because it looks as if he was crooked . There are no armor plate mounting tape and rubber .
  4. Hello . and immediately I apologize for the mistakes ( I use transleatora ) form Sith Trooper . and please help how and what to improve , photos are in the gallery . please speak on the topic and giving advice .
  5. Hello Sebastian . tr / td - 4886 . with polish garizon . created a sith trooper outfit and started naked orchards . legion 501 since 2005 with a small break after 4 years . but it will not grow . and be impossible to forget that legionary brothers
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