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  1. cyberdemon

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    I would but I just found the picture on google and I can’t find any more references like it. I think im just going to try and copy the one in the Crl but I’m going to have to do some more research first I’m almost out of Sinatra and have to get more and the mask needs to be fixed so I’m going to take my time and do this right. I’m going to look at the games for that 360 view if I can find it I may go with that.
  2. cyberdemon

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    oh ok so then i should stick to the images that are already on the reference Calgary then i did not know about that thank. And after posting the picture of the mask i saw that i had got the stripes wrong and now i have to re do it so your advise will be very helpful thanks.
  3. cyberdemon

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    Thanks for the info it helps I did end up contacting my gml and am waiting for a response. If this was almost any other suit of armor there is no way that I would make it out of Sinatra but this one is simular to my Mando armor so I think I can get the details required. And I will definitely contact my local garrison I’ve trooped with them before and they are some nice guys. I’m currently working on the mask I plan to mold it and make multiple so I can cold cast one to give it a try. I don’t think that would work for the aprooved armor because some of the other parts of the armor would have to match. And finding paint that would match would be doficult. Im still working on it. this is one of the references from the game that i have been using along with the pics from the crl to make the mask.
  4. so i'm a member of the mandolorian mercs and ive wanted to join the 501st for a while and was finding it hard to decide what to make but when i saw that Mandalore the Ultimate got a crl i knew that that was what i wanted to make. thanks to Rejean for putting the hard work in. I'm going to try and copy as much of his armor as possible. my plan is to make the armor out of sintra and styrene if that is approveable. but i must be honest i haven't talked to my local GML about this yet i didn't know if i should do that before or after i make the armor. but this is what i have so far i have the shins and tops of the gauntlets. . any advice is greatly appreciated i know the the 501st is a little different then the mando mercs.