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  1. A little Heat-n-Bond Ultralock, some shiny gold fabric and a little desktop crafting and I have a glueless, exacto-knife-free way to trim my veil and gloves. If I ever decide to branch out into the comic book version, it will be super easy to reproduce because I saved my computer file. Remind me to thank my mother-in-law for having the foresight to see what an amazingly handy tool a Silhouette cutting machine would turn out to be for me.
  2. I really like that idea. I think I will try that first.
  3. There pretty much aren't any details, except for the veil. The pic was taken before I started on the painting. I don't remember why it was all the way together, but I ended up pulling it apart (just at the waist seam) to hand paint it. So at the moment, it's in pieces. But I will take as many pics as I can (yay tripod!) while I build the new one. How on earth did you use gold fabric? It's a brilliant idea, but I am at a loss to how you executed that. I did find the new veil fabric yesterday. Super happy to pay only $1.50 a yard, so I bought enough to do the underdress from scratch too.
  4. Today I printed my initial attempt at a template using my favoritest ever crafting invention, the Silhouette cutting machine. As an initial attempt, it was successful. As a final template, poor. I will have to thicken the lines for the pinwheel, as well as widen the gaps to disconnect them. I used freezer paper (it irons onto most fabric), but for the leather I will be using peel/stick contact paper or vinyl. Something sturdier and easier to remove from the sticky cutting mat. Once I have a good test sheet, I will cut several to fit together over the leather, matching seams as best I can, before beginning to paint.
  5. An old project resurfaced with the coming of the newest movie this December. Seven years ago, I started a Visas Marr build, under the forum name "shape_in_the_shadows". Life got away from me. I got married, had two kids, and just now am getting back into a place where I could handle committing, not just to a costume build, but to joining the 501st. Visas is my favorite character, though I may branch out later into Revan, or build a TIE pilot costume for my husband. So where am I at right now? I have my costume-that-was-never-finished, which I plan to use as a mock up. I would finish it, but the thought of continuing to hand-paint those pinwheels... I'm not even sure that's accepted anymore. However, it fits perfectly and I love the way the it came out otherwise. Gloves-on order (from China, so waiting a while for those). Boots-on the lookout Sash fabric-check Black leather-check Pinwheel paint-check Pinwheel template-in progress Veil- Well, I have a great veil that I'm super happy with, but I used glitter gold paint on it. So I need to make a new one, with the new approved paint, which will be a huge improvement over what used to be approved. (How many of you ladies were here seven years ago? I remember Pam.) And I am having the hardest time finding fabric of the right color! I found some at HobbyLobby, but I'll never be able to see through it. Any suggestions?? Underdress-I would like to avoid making a whole new one as the one I have is a great color and drape, but if I need a new veil, I may need a new underdress too. Any suggestions, advice or most-important-things-to-remember? Below I attached an old photo. Forgive the discoloration. The veil/underdress are really much more like the second attached photo.
  6. HI! My name's Leslie. I started work on a Visas Marr costume seven years ago. But life got away from me--I got married and had two kids. Now that I finally have a handle on it again, I'd like to start from scratch (because the first attempt just wasn't working out). Visas is still my favorite character, but I may branch out into Revan and Princess Leia down the road, or make my husband a TIE pilot costume eventually.
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