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  1. SL-13775 Darth Nihilus (cotf) Star Garrison Requesting detachment access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20691
  2. Newly approved Sith Lord/Legend Sl-13775 Darth Nihilus (cotf) Requesting detachment access please http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20691
  3. So after 7 long and informative months I am now SL-13775 of North Texas Squad of Star Garrison of the 501st Legion
  4. Yeah sure man I'll post them in my thread I've made its a wip thread " a new apprentice appears"
  5. That doesn't bother me as I'll be airbrushing mine to be quite honestly I want two of them one to be the standard mask that we always seen and another to be more weathered and worn looking to give the actual look of bone
  6. I am buying a mask kit from Khros Nest the owners wife is a member and I saw hers and will be going that route
  7. That's the pattern I'm using for my tunic and sleeves But will be altering the sleeves so that they tapper off at the wrists
  8. i had absolutely no problem sewing down the padding to do the quilting its the mounting them to the tunic that is the most frustrating thing in the world
  9. sleeves are a pain in the buttox lol
  10. hello dark lords and lady Nihilus I have good news I got to play with my sewing machine for the first time today and I also got my first parts of the inner tunic sewn on the the shoulders of the front to the back tomorrow the sleeves
  11. good news new sewing machine arrives tomorrow yay!!!
  12. it seems snap buttons are the way to do this ineresting
  13. DasOgre

    20151012 194856

    From the album: nikilus build

    been pinning and cutting from a simplicity pattern I found on the internet
  14. how to get the shoulders pointed at teh top of the outter tunic

  15. lords and ladies of the Nihilus I seek your guidance once again and this is about the outer tunic upper sleeve area how does one go about getting the over lap or broad point look also did any of yall "finish" the are socket of the outter tunic as well ?
  16. so im making progress ive cut out all the panels for my skirts both the inner and outter and tonight cut out the back for the inner tunic the front parts I wil do tomorrow after work
  17. lords and ladies do yall make the tunics pleated ?
  18. thank my 501st mentor is letting me use his for the time being till I can get mine and yall are giving me some great ideas on how to go about this build way easier unlike a certain republic commando im working on lol
  19. do you by chance have pictures I could see?
  20. ok I wasn't quite sure how some people went about making theres
  21. I have question lord and lady siths do yall purchace or make your obi's and if you make it us there a good step by step instruction sequence you followed?
  22. and after a short brief moment of mourning im now on the prowl into looking at some singer sewing machines not quite sure which to get to do costumes with
  23. ok so I heard from the people who I gave my machine to be serviced to and it is with heavy heart that I inform yall that the machine that has served my family for over half a century has finally been laid to rest come to find out that the service center cant get the parts to fix the model that made many a costume for me and my extended family everything from my cousins disny princess costumes to mighty morphing power rangers and beyond it served us well
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