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  1. Hey everyone, I know there are tons of threads on this jumpsuit but I had a few questions and couldnt find the answers, so here they are. I went to my local fabric store and they only had high sheen/wet look pleather or a medium "textured" pleather. Does anyone know a place in Orange County or online that sells the right medium sheen material? What is the correct thickness for the piping cord? I found some that is 3.2mm but I'm worried its too thick. I found some great blog posts from here that have awesome step by step how-tos but I was unclear on a few of the details. Tha
  2. Hello everyone!! I'm Jamie from Orange County, California. I am almost finished with my Mara Jade costume and can't wait to show everyone! I grew up loving Star Wars and am working on getting my 3yr old daughter acclimated to the SW Universe; her current obsession is R2-D2. I have been participating in the cosplay world for almost 10 years and am excited to join (hopefully soon!) the 501st and start a new chapter! Can't wait to meet everyone!