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  1. I need your help! I got this answer from the LMO First, I am VERY sorry that this took so long. Expanded universe is NOT my strong suit, so it has taken me a long time to commit to a decision for fear of making the wrong one. This costume is not approved. The reference available is limited, but what is shown seems much more large and flowing. I picture fabric that blows in the breeze around the costumer, like Mother Talzin from The Clone Wars. The costume as interpreted seems very flat. I also feel that the general texture/sheen of the costume isn't in keeping with the reference
  2. Like suggested, I'm posting a couple pics for a Night Sister (Sai Sircu) costume, the WIP and who it made request for a member of German Garrison. Birgit Klein ID: 63211 Night Sister Sai Sircu some Infos to Sai Sircu: "I am Sai Sircu. Remember that name, for it is the herald of your impending deaths!" ―Sai Sircu, to two Jedi[src] Sai Sircu was a member of the Nightsisters of Dathomir during the time of the Clone Wars. Contents[show] BiographyEdit "We need not fear these Jedi, as always they are always too far behind." ―Sai Sircu to Yansu Grjak and Darth Sidious[src] Sairu
  3. Yes , my wife has one of the SWG style (Sai Secru), but is not approved until now. It takes for ages , since it is new to the Legion. Maybe I can have someone here to help !?
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