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  1. I need your help! I got this answer from the LMO First, I am VERY sorry that this took so long. Expanded universe is NOT my strong suit, so it has taken me a long time to commit to a decision for fear of making the wrong one. This costume is not approved. The reference available is limited, but what is shown seems much more large and flowing. I picture fabric that blows in the breeze around the costumer, like Mother Talzin from The Clone Wars. The costume as interpreted seems very flat. I also feel that the general texture/sheen of the costume isn't in keeping with the reference. I'd recommend that she work with The Flagship Eclipse to update the costume. If the detachment feels my assessment is in error I'm happy to re-address it with their feedback. But "I don't understand, I've never seen "fabric that blows in the breeze" on Mother Talzin; does anyone have a link to a video where I could see this?"
  2. Like suggested, I'm posting a couple pics for a Night Sister (Sai Sircu) costume, the WIP and who it made request for a member of German Garrison. Birgit Klein ID: 63211 Night Sister Sai Sircu some Infos to Sai Sircu: "I am Sai Sircu. Remember that name, for it is the herald of your impending deaths!" ―Sai Sircu, to two Jedi[src] Sai Sircu was a member of the Nightsisters of Dathomir during the time of the Clone Wars. Contents[show] BiographyEdit "We need not fear these Jedi, as always they are always too far behind." ―Sai Sircu to Yansu Grjak and Darth Sidious[src] Sairu Sai Sircu alongside Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress. She and her fellow sister Yansu Grjak led an army of Nightsisters during the war between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. At that time, they formed an alliance with Count Dooku and the Separatists in order to bring about the downfall of the Jedi Order. She first attacked the Sedawan with her sister. It was later revealed on Dathomir that she had more sinister intentions in mind—the subjugation of the galaxy. DevastationEdit "If a demonstration is what you want, then that's what you'll get." ―Sai Sircu[src] Sai Sircu fought a pair of Jedi on her homeworld of Dathomir but was unable to prevent them from helping her valuable captive, Luminara Unduli, escape. After the Jedi freed Unduli, they pursued Sircu, who was confronted by a group of clone troops under the command of Cody. Using her dark powers, she managed to defeat them, but the capabilities of the Jedi were greater than hers, and she was forced to retreat. Meanwhile, the Republic established a garrison on Dathomir, capturing dozens of Nightsisters. Sircu, however, eluded clone security and regrouped with her allies on the superweapon Devastation, which included Count Dooku, his apprentice Asajj Ventress, and Darth Sidious himself, who made a rare appearance via holotransmitter. Dooku and Sircu assured Sidious that their weapon was far more powerful than any of them could have anticipated, and Ventress suggested a demonstration. Sidious agreed and Ventress set a course for Dathomir, but Sircu, angered over the sudden betrayel, blasted Dooku and Ventress with dark energy, forcing them out of the bridge. She now had command of the ship. While Dooku made contact with his Master, Ventress confronted two of the six Jedi who had appeared to deactivate the Devastation. However, Sircu accidentally gave her Jedi enemies an edge when she attacked Ventress, sealing their escape. Later, two more Jedi would confront her as she tried to insert the power from the gathered crystals into herself. But it was too great for her and she exploded violently. Ventress and Dooku fled and their superweapon was destroyed before it could target Coruscant or other important planets. The WIP from Naergi's Costuming Site : Link: http://www.naergilien.info/my-costumes/various/star-wars-costumes/night-sister-sai-sircu/ Friends of mine asked me to create a Night Sister costume, specifically that of Sai Sircu. They already had that costume, but it was made from way-too-shiny polyester satin, unstabilized so all parts were sort of floppy, and were therefore not happy with it; but they still loved the character, so a new costume with better materials was what they asked for. I started by selecting fabric. The fabric that’s actually shown in the illustration seems to have a slight sheen, but is not shiny – in other words, more like what real word taffetta would be opposed to satin. It also seems sort of stiff – again, more like taffeta than satin. I chose a double-sided (one side woven colored, the other side is woven black), therefore iridescent Duchesse Satin. Don’t be confused by the name; double-sided Duchesse satin has way more in common with taffeta than with satin, drape- and sheen- wise. Color swatches for the costume – we chose “Apple” (small swatch to the left) and Midnight Blue (large swatch to the right), as, compared to the illustration, those colors seemed to fit best. I started by draping a mockup for the base dress over my dress mannequin, then sketched down the precise placement of the draped fabric pieces on that mockup. That helped a lot with the placement for the pleated, draped fabric pieces. The draped mockup on my dress mannequin, with the placement of the draped panels sketched down to it. One problem I faced were the “loose” panels which wrap around the hip. Without any kind of stabilizer, those would just “flop down” and, with gravity and movements, started to move and wrap all weird around the body – which doesn’t only look bad but can become quite uncomfortable. My solution was to sew an almost invisible layer of ivory tulle behind the openings between those panels. As you can probably see, you can only see, or rather “guess” the tulle if you are REALLY close (as close as next to no one ever gets to a costume – the regular viewing distance is approximately ten feet); EXCEPT if you wear dark underwear beneath it. That, however, isn’t supposed to happen – the costume has to be worn with opaque tights or leggings; a-bit-lighter-than-skin-colored. The tulle really just helps to keep those draped panels where they are supposed to be, all the time, so the person wearing the costume doesn’t have to worry about them. Similarly, dance costumes are “held in place” if the actual fabric that you can see just seems to be in places where it could never, ever “hold” the fabric to the body. The wrapping of the colored pieces of fabric around the body is really, more or less, intuitive. You know, if the front wraps like “this”, the back can only wrap in certain ways. It did help a lot to look at the way fabric wrapped around the body of other Night Sisters, though. From the intuitive way in combination with the way the fabric wraps on other Night Sisters, I developed the wrapping pattern for this costume. This picture shows the wrapped dress from all sides. Again, as you can probably see, the tulle which stabilizes the side bottom draped panels is basically invisible. The draped panels are securely stitched to a solid base dress using invisible hand stitching. That makes sure that the draped panels will stay in place, no matter what happens. The base dress closes at the side with a zipper. The “cape” and “spikes” part was interesting to create. I basically created a one-sided shoulder cloak, pleated at the shoulder; then added the “spike” parts to it. They are stabilized with hat wire; so they’re not too stiff and can bend to be packed down, but are also lightweight. They also move with wind and body motion. For the boots, I glued and sewed the Duchesse satin over a base of flat, overknee boots. That, combined with straps of fabric with a piece of rubber on the inside to prevent them from slipping, creates the illusion of “leg wraps”. I believe she's ready for approval many greetings Thomas SL/CB/TS 4676
  3. Yes , my wife has one of the SWG style (Sai Secru), but is not approved until now. It takes for ages , since it is new to the Legion. Maybe I can have someone here to help !?